Remake transmitted by blood?Or when Sony plays with small hearts of fans

Bloodborne was still on the lips of last night, when no announcement was announced.I am talking about a classic entry from Sony, perceived by the margin of players as a trailer.

Irritation or ordinary clumsiness?We will probably never know the answer, but Sony once again lit a network yesterday with a simple tweet.The official brand account was really unhappy to publish content related to Bloodborne.You guess the rest.

When Sony is teasing a bloodborne remake … or not

Tweet and the internet is confusion.The official Sony account has made available yesterday a tweet in which the observers had to guess which game is displayed.The picture was an enlarged part of the exclusive PlayStation, which was nothing but … Bloodborne.It was enough for the fans to be carried away by emotions and considered it a form of teasing.In just a few minutes, over 15,000 posts about the Fromsoftware title were created.Sony quickly deleted his tweet, which for some added oil to the fire.If most realize that this is only a simple post that aims to involve the community, others really perceive it as irritation.Various rumors regarding the canceled or delayed PlayStation show confirm their theory.

In any case, the Japanese company has large plans regarding fromsoftware.It actually has minority shares in the creators of Elden Ring and ensures that it does not exclude the possibility of adapting their games on a small or large screen and financing some of their productions.However, fans are waiting for the appearance of Bloodborne on PS5 in the form of Remasterupdate or a remake.Officially, nothing is planned for now, but this does not bother them to hope with every mention of the game.Jason Schreier, however, tried to relieve their expectations, declaring in July last year: “I cannot reveal what does not exist.”Thanks to the wolf’s crying, maybe their demands will finally be heard.