Renai Flops – 01

「ガッツくなよ、ヘタクソかよ」 (Gattsuku na yo, Hetakuso ka yo)

“Don’t be grabbed, you are clumsy moth!”

I was so close to lovingly and forgetting that Renai Flops was something I decided to discuss.But while all the shocks that I saw in the shows of the autumn season were funny, sharp and redefined what it means to watch anime as a medium, Renai flops is a pathetic story that aims to go through movements as a greatest flops collection from other animeharem from the past.

Renai enters the era of flops

I don’t like to cling to erotic comedies.Due to how low hanging fruit they are and how easy they are to dismantle, no one but me is used to get on my tall horse and behave as if I have never made fun about sex with low eyebrows.I think Joker asks at the end of a deadly joke: “Why don’t you dig me a hell and not receive a standing ovation from a public gallery?”It would make me look like a virtuous person if I behaved as if I took a definite position against ECCHI.But it’s far from case.Renai Flops, which is an exciting erotic comedy, is not as terrifying as Renai Flops, which is painfully bland at the best edition and softcore at the worst.

This is a journey in which Asahi, a boy who plays all his faith in virtual divinists, ends when all his happiness ends with fiasco in many circumstances related to ECCHI.Think about every case in which the boy was slapped by the girl for accidental perversion in the anime since the 1970s, and Asahi manages to do it.

The “flaps” affect how Asahi falls up when his slip -ups in Ecchi lead him to girls who accidentally touch or steal underwear.It should be bizarre that the boy is accidentally despised for every misfortune he encounters, but he also manages to have girls like him, because they are all mishaps that he never intended to do.

Renai bombs

It aims to reward and punish it too quickly, which is why it is simply boring.As if it was so much to tell you the same joke with the same punch line.Girls think that he is a freak, but because he is seen as a freak, he is also seen as brave and adventurous.Girls take a bad lesson from accidentally tripping about Asahi or catching him at inappropriate moments.

Or rather, they give their hearts too easily, because they have never learned to live and let others live.For example, instead of just washing Asahi’s hands with simple apologies, their accusations somehow end up with the fact that they are more excited to get more involved in Asahi’s bad luck, knowing that he would never be able to get to know them normally without wind, raising skirts or accidentalAsahi slipping on them.

They serve themselves on a silver plate for Asahi, because they have no self -respect so as not to make sticky eyes on the first boy with whom they have more than one conversation.It’s comprehensive and shows the disrespect that the program has for any of these girls.I would even go to say that this is a much more sexist message than just that women with big boobs push their big tits into the camera for half an hour.At least with the fact that women’s characters have their own personal autonomy to push these tits into the camera.Here you just look at the girls throwing a hook, a rope and a burden for a boy who did nothing to get them, except that he was a clumsy fool.

The only tricks that were not found in Akamatsu Kena wardrobe was found in the Sei Shojo garbage basket.There were three record cases in which our main characters were molested by dogs.The last time he didn’t even make sense, because he was fully dressed when the dog attacked him, and after finishing the dog he had pants lowered.At some point, Asahi had to unbutton his pants and let dogs go to the city on his unsecured ass.There is even a falling flower that symbolizes that it is rape and that his virginity has been stolen by a dog.All this to make a joke about bestiality even thicker.

To add to this, another character that is routinely molested by dogs is a character with ambiguous sex, so now we should be cool with them are an acceptable goal for dogs by dogs as easily as Asahi.I suppose they thought that he would not be harmful to society as soon as he was looking at the boy with a banana protector, as he shatters his crotch, or if the girls beat this guy for random mistakes, and they wanted to worsen it, making his worldview as ugly asIt’s just possible.In the shortest time with.

Renai Busts

If the main goal of Renai Flops was to create an anime resembling a harem, it failed, because it lacks the insolent fun of its predecessors and directs his imagination to a very disturbing territory.This is a cynical, mechanically constructed equivalent of expired Slim Jim, who was kicked around a pile of ants and served on a fancy plate.In this autumn season you do not have to collect stale dog droppings through your teeth during this program.