Report from autumn 2022 and prizes for the first episode

Amun: Once again, we award the most important awards for the first episode.I do not have nice graphics this season, but I have several trophies – one series managed to win my own award (Berserk), while another provided the first episode, the polar opposite of the namesake award (Bleach).With one of the most advertised seasons for some time, I hope that even some of these programs will meet the expectations when we reach the end of 2022.

Once again, Lenlo will report most of the show here, but Aidan has returned to the adaptation of a mechanical saw.I will enjoy this season as a viewer and I hope that I will see you all in chat and in the comments!Join me after a break to see our awards!

Composition for autumn 2022


– Mob Psycho 100 S3

– Spyxfamily P2

– Isekai Ojisan

– His and its circumstances


– a man with a mechanical saw


– [watching and enjoying Bleach]

Awards for the first episode

The best first episode

(Death Note Award)

MOB Psycho 100 III

They used all their efforts on the first episode

(Kyoukai no Kanata award)

Eminency in the shade

Best animation

(Samurai Champloo award)

MOB Psycho 100 III

Senon in the season

(Gargantia award)

Bocchi The Rock

The worst first episode

(Bleach award)

Renai Flops

Expectations have been exceeded

(Hyouka award)

Bocchi rock

Best continuation

(Award of the Book of Friends of Natsume)

MOB Psycho 100 III

The most disappointing first episode

(Berserk award)

Berserk (2016) – 12 [those who stick to, those who fight] the best graphics in the background

(Made in abyss award)

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