Resident Evil Village: The Shadows of Rose DLC with a new trailer

Before the premiere at the end of the month, one player DLC updates Resident Evil Village Gold Edition “Shadows of Rose” with a trailer and new information.

Shadows “Shadows” Resident Evil Village Gold Edition of Rose “DLC awarded in the latest show of Re.

The addition of Resident Evil Village will appear

In a week, players will be able to discover “Les ombres de Rose”.Additional content with script Resident Evil Village Gold Edition.As the name suggests, DLC focuses on Rose Winters, the daughter of Ethan and Karen, 16 years after the events of the original game.The creators wanted to delve into the personality of Rose at this age.

A young girl, like no other who has powers, to which she is not very enthusiastic, to the extent that she wants to remove them from her body.And the Lady Dimitrescu Castle seems to be an ideal place to make her dream come true, because this is the source of her misfortune, the village.If Rose has a weapon like a gun, it can also freeze enemies in place.This will give you more time to adapt shots or escape.A special skill, which is also used to free yourself from a too sticky opponent who would try to suck your life.Even the environment will try to stop Rose’s progress in all ways.

After the attack on small dolls, Ethan suffered, his daughter will have to face giant dolls that are determined to kill her.