Review: Black Paradox – not the best in Junji Ito, but still worth reading

Halloween is fast approaching and this is the perfect season to release the Manga Junji Ito, specifically Black Paradox, which will be published in English this month.As for horror, Junji Ito is a craft master, but one cannot deny that some of his stories are simply better than the others.

Unfortunately, the black paradox is one of the “rest”.While the assumption gives mysterious and terrifying vibrations, history quickly loses its direction.What begins as a suicide pact, interrupted by terrifying circumstances, quickly turns into the secret of science fiction/spiritual, which does not offer much in terms of solution.It boils down to human greed, which will ultimately lead to the fall of humanity.The idea is not original, but I have to admit that the supernatural aspect and intersecting worlds make it a bit more interesting.

Characters in a black paradox are quite an unusual group.Only one of them is bearable (Marusono), but ultimately even she becomes a completely different person.In general, their development seems to be smooth: we have a group of people with suicide tendencies with their own motivations and reasons, but ultimately all these reasons cease to matter.Apart from Barrychi, none of them got what he wanted.The moments of the “other self” were interesting, but it also seemed pointless before a great twist appeared.

In general, Black Paradox is not a bad reading, just Junji Ito has much more to offer.Apart from history, art is always grotesque in the best possible way in a characteristic Ito style, thanks to which it is a visually pleasant work.Definitely attach the manga to your composition if you decide to make an Ito marathon in Halloween, because it has this charm and can still be pleasant.

English version of the manga by

Viz Media

It is set to October 25, and the summary is described as:

Four people intend to suicide on a website dedicated to Black Paradox suicides: Maruso, a nurse who despair over the future;Taburo, a man tortured by his double;PiI-Tan, engineer with his own robot clone;And Bararacchi, a woman who is tormented by a mark on her face.

They wander together in search of a perfect death, unfortunately opening the door that leads them to a fairly bizarre destination …

Black Paradox © 2009 Ji Inc./Shogakukan

Anime Corner received a pre -release copy of the Black Paradox manga issued by VIZ Media for reviews.