Review Bleach: A thousand -year blood war, without spoilers, episode 1

Watching this episode was like fulfilling a real dream.The adaptation of the Anime Bleach 2022, which includes the history of a thousand -year blood war, published the first episode of the first of the four tracks of the bow.The last time the new episode of Bleach took place in March 2012 – we have not seen the fight of Ichigo and his friends for over a decade.Manga was continued after the anime (with this arch), leaving the anime to end the series with a generally disliked Fullbinger arch and some filler.In many respects, the time, since Bleach exists, seems to be an anime time.The same characters returned, but the quality has improved, fresh and exciting content appeared, and the wisdom of the previous versions of the anime is the basis of Bleach 2022.

Episode 1 contained many shots for re -introducing and pay tribute to various elements of the series.The original OST returned in an updated form (hearing that it really hit differently), and many production aspects of this episode seemed to play from the first episode of the original anime.Completing this episode was both satisfying and frustrating.Satisfying because watching this series is great;Fruusting, because I know that a week will pass before I see more.

Ten -year qualitative leap

I saw a chat after the preliminary Bleach show: Thousand-Weear Blood War, that the animation was film and now I fully understand. Perhaps part of this noise was the contrast between the animation in 2012 and the now animation (seriously, look at what was considered a good animation at the time), but Bleach looks absolutely fantastic. The artistic style is slightly different than before, with many changes in the direction of what becomes more standard in anime, such as differences in texturing and highlighting hair. What stuck in my memory during the sequence of action were two things: firstly, 3D graphics used to animal larger objects, such as hollows, improved significantly, thanks to which their movements are much smoother and give bleach the opportunity to move more without looking awkward. Although these were not absolutely the best 3D graphics, I felt that the composition of the scenes makes any slowdown barely noticeable.

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Two, and more importantly, the action is simply amazing.Each explosion popped up with great detail, and the lighting was dynamic and satisfying.Compared to other anime this year, lighting can be the best so far.The aura, which spinning around the character, was fluid and clear – but not exaggerated.Black Getsuga Tensho Ichigo looks as amazing as always, and her colors remind me of his final Getsuga Tensho against Aizen.Bleach was never alien to the eye -catching graphic designers.But this episode brought a level of cunning and details that I never imagined that it would be a single episode.Considering that the series is broadcast to Disney+, at first I was worried that violence would be subdued, but fortunately it is not.All this topped with the icing of the known OST was an excellent experience.

Evolution series

Without spoiling small details, I will also notice that Bleach 2022 introduced some minor changes in the order of events at the beginning of this arch.It is worth noting that some of the more humorous scenes have been completely cut.This does not mean that jokes in relaxed moments were completely absent.Rather, the type of manzai humor in the middle of the fight, which Bleach sometimes uses, was subdued to fully focus on the action.The order of some scenes was also shuffled, for example, flashbacks were displayed instead in real time to better combine scenes.Additional time saved on removing small scenes was used well.Bleach 2022 uses his freedom in constructing events to give scenes a little more than in the manga and is very valued for the premiere.

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Most importantly, this is a strong standard that should be determined for the further series.The original anime Bleach suffered from often slow pace and a depressing amount of filler.Even canonical sections covered at most 2.5 chapters.For comparison, episode 1 Bleach 2022 included the first 4 chapters of the arch, despite the devotion of part of the airtime of the section to some return scenes.Now that the series is divided into many seasonal tracks, it seems unlikely that the filler will be a must, as in the original anime.In addition, the manga is over, so there is no other production time line that could keep up.

Bleach returns

Again, Bleach’s return is unreal.This is almost comical thinking about thousands of threads and posts about how anime will never come back.At this point, the only real complaint I have is that the lines spoken in German are … a bit rough.But this is my main complaint in my opinion a great sign.A thousand -year blood war is one of my favorites in all of Bleach and there are countless fights that I absolutely can’t wait.So many Bleach captains finally have space to go out, and watching this animated will be amazing.For now, I will be glued to the screen every week, when a new episode appears, just like ten years ago.Bleach: A thousand -year blood war resurrected a long -term favorite.

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