Review My Hero Acadekaren Season 6, Episode 4: The biggest threat

After a sad death in the previous episode, you might think that My Hero Acadekaren Season 6 Episode 4 will take a break from the breakneck action.Well, you would be wrong if you thought so.Let’s get to the review right away!

Discussion of episode 4 season 4 my hero acadekaren

At least if you have not heard of My Hero Acadekaren, I hope that the rock you live under is a lot of space and sunlight for a healthy life.My hero acadekaren or side no hero acadekaren, if you want to be fine, is one of the most popular anime that is happening now.The series returns to us after what is widely considered to be its weakest season, which you can read more about HERE.Click here to read the review of the previous episode of the season.

My Hero Acadekaren is based on the manga of the same name by the same name

Kohei Horikoshi

and the anime was produced by

Studio Bones

, which is also known for working on anime, such as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood and Mob Psycho, so you know that My Hero Acadekaren is in excellent company.Season 6 was directed by Kenji Nagasaki and Masahiro Mukai.The episode is also known in the original Japanese language as the side of no hero acadekaren Season 6 Episode 4.

– side no hero acadekaren season 6 episode 4 review does not contain spoilers –

Review My Hero Acadekaren Season 6, Episode 4 – You must defeat the villain

So far this season is something releasing, which is almost impossible to describe with words, but I will try anyway.Watching this season is as good as it is after all the words that were said last year.This episode was absolutely masterful in how he used the story, which the program created for 5 seasons of work and paid everything in a way that in the best possible way includes all these characters.The strength of this series lies in these characters and this is a kind of episode in which the series shines the brightest.

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Twice death in the previous episode was made very well, although some may say that it came a bit too fast, as for where the series is now.In this note I really do not believe that this is something permanent in any way, especially if we consider the last episode, which was not specific in any direction.Always remember about the golden principle of the death of anime – if there is a bit of doubt, it is probably justified and death is not so durable.It doesn’t bother me because Twice is a great character who can still do a lot in the series.

The episode began with an insight into Hawks’ personality and what made him as he is.With only 15 seconds of insight, it became very clear why he was as it was, and everything made sense, especially with whom he was his idol as a child.Dabi and he seem to have history, and Dabi exclaims Hawks’s real name at the end of his confrontation with Twice.Dabi himself is an extremely popular and mysterious figure, and he and Hawks will also have fantastic enemies, especially if it turns out that he is who everyone suspects him.

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Mirko is impressive every time he appears on the screen, because, as we discussed in our review episode 2, he embodies the spirit of true heroism that exists in this universe.It is a type of character that is phenomenal in small doses, and because so far we only had it from her, it is a pleasure to watch as soon as it appears.Her characteristic movements and smooth movements were very well animated by Bones, because the series returned to the style of animation, which made him famous.

Here are only some other references that appeared in this episode – Hero Killer Stain, Eraserhead and Present Mic, friend of All For One, the past of Shygaraki and reasonably absent all might.This season is the most dynamic and versatile series that has ever existed, and most of them took place without three main characters.It’s crazy, as a small contribution, Deku, Bakugo and Todoroko, but it’s a great change in pace and I have fun so far.It was probably the best beginning of the My Hero Acadekaren season, which was converted only by the initial stages of season tournament 2.


My Hero Acadekaren, episode 4 of season 6, was very good.Well written and made.The action was exciting, and references to previous plot points made sense.