Review of exception: anime science-fiction with a promising story that raises questions

The exception is a completely new Netflix anime, which will make you think about the purpose of our existence and what humanity must do.In the performance directed by Yuzo Sato, the voices of various actors in English and Japanese.

With Nolan North and Chikahiro Kobayashim as Lewis, Robbie Daysmond and Takahiro Sakurai as Mack, Ali Hillis and Yuko Kaida as Nina, Eugene Byrd and Takanori Hoshino as an Oscar and Nadine Nicole and ATUMIA TANZUZAKI as Patty.

The exception is the science-fiction horror thriller, whose action takes place around a team created using 3D printing, which is sent in search of the appropriate planet for terrafusion.However, the system failure causes deformation of one of the crew members, which leads to the disclosure of a number of secrets.

Summary of the series on Netflix is:

The last hope of humanity lies in the hands of five specialists is designed to terform the new planet-as long as the critical error will not complicate their mission.

-When the exceptions do not contain spoilers-

The exception begins with a specialist Nina leaves the womb, where it was reprinted when she enters the spacecraft, where the mission of preparing a new planet for terraformation begins.When he welcomes his teammates one by one, he notices that the last member of Lewis had an accident.

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Still exception

Now with a terribly deformed Lewis, the crew is torn between permission to live and reprint him, destroying what he became.However, during this decision, the deformed Lewis escapes from their embrace, causing chaos everywhere.

I have to admit that this series really becomes intriguing and exciting, because the combination of science-fiction with a thriller makes you want more.The plot really compensates for the lack of a good animation they used in this series.The plot really holds you to the end and I love how it goes on all the time.

Surprises and problems that this series touches are enough to think about the bigger problems that we can face in the future.It also makes us think about what humanity is and what it has become, because at the end of the day you will realize that both ideals followed by two opposite sides make sense.

Still an exception

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History and characters made this series one of the best watches to me so far, but the animation could have really been better.I mean that when you have a tag talking about the Japanese anime, my hopes are growing and this program did not keep this part of the contract.

Summary: Exception

All in all, watch this show to the plot, because these 10 episodes will really make you think about matters that have been hidden for a long time.However, once again I warn you against animation, which, if you endure, you will love this program.

In addition, a warning that there will be a bit of nudity, but it is just the beginning.

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