Review of the taste of life: a love story that exceeds the expectations of Netflix (without spoilers)

The new dramatic comedy has just been found in the top ten most watched content in France, but know that it is currently in the international arena

The third most popular series in the world

From its release on Netflix!A well -deserved success of this sad tragic love story

inspired by a true story


The taste of life is not a simple romantic comedy

The series goes much further, moving many painful topics, such as cultural differences, illness, divorce and even mourning …

Subscriber reviews are definitely positive

(We have not found a single negative commentary on social media!).

Taste of life: a series inspired by a real history

Tembi Locke (a woman who lived this story) was aimed at forcing the viewers to

enjoying every moment with your loved ones

, because life is unfortunately very unpredictable, so it is better to live in 100%.

Opinions of “Le Goût de Vivre” subscribers are of course very positive.

But if you don’t feel like crying, you may have to find a different fiction to watch.This is probably one of the most moving series of 2022. Here


which we chose on social networks:

“The Taste of Life on Netflix is by far the best limited series I watched this year.I laughed, smiled and cried.I highly recommend it.10/10! »

“The taste of life on Netflix is so good.I finished the whole series at one meeting and cried several times.You will feel all the emotions.Love, happiness, sadness, pain and even anger. »

“I did not expect that” Le Goût de Vivre “on Netflix would surprise me … and it is even based on true history.»

“I really can’t stop crying,” Le Goût de Vivre “is the most moving series I’ve ever watched.”

“The Taste of Life on Netflix is an absolutely beautiful and complex love story.Not a romantic comedy.Two people who fall in love.Family bonds.Ties between brothers and sisters.Father/son’s drama.Divorce wounds.Cultural differences.Disease.Acceptance and acceptance of the loss.»

Many of you asked us if there would be season 2 and unfortunately the answer is “no” because it is a miniseries that, by definition, has almost no chance of renewing by the platform.Red logo streaming.

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