Rock Band Galileo Galilei returns after 7 years

The team goes on tour in mid -2023

The new band will have a new concert tour entitled “Bee and the Whales Tour 2023”, which will take place concerts at ZEPP Sapporo on May 31, Nagoya on June 8, ZEPP Namba in Osaka June 9, ZEPP Fukuoka, June 21 and ZEPP Haneda in Tokyo June 24.

The team broke up in 2016 after the last trip.In the same year, the band also released the fourth and then the last album of Sea and the Darkness.

A rock band founded on Hokkaido in 2007 and debuted in a large label in February 2010 by the mini -shelled Hamanasu no Hana.Earlier they collaborated on the soundtrack to Anohana: the flower we saw that day (and his special live television adaptation), Mobile Suit Gundam Age, Big Windup!Season 2 and Taifū no Noruda.The band performed the song “Climber” as Haikyu !!The end of the anime of the second season.A member of the Yuki Ozaki team contributed to the creation of the Hamator “Flat” theme performed by Livetune.Ozaki also collaborated with the guitarist Kōtarō Oshio to perform the leading song for the movie Anime Dōkyūsei.The band released a series of short anime films in 2010.


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