Rock Bocchi!Episode 3: Redrum

Lovers of red -haired cutie were ready for this episode.

We joined our heroine, who recovered from a cold (she is not ready to return to school).As usual, she wanted to be surrounded by friends, but she was too restless to approach anyone.She hoped that being in the band would help her a bit, but as we can see, she still had a lot to do.Hiding, she heard girls talking about the band and remembered that Kessoku Band needed a guitarist-vocalist to complete the set.To make up for the lost time, Hitori hoped to find someone who would compensate for her absence.Then she saw the title red -haired kit, but when she looked well, she was delighted with her beauty and accessible aura.Too much social force for our poor leader.

Hitori long and intensively wondered how to approach the kit, but of course he could not take the first step.Meanwhile, Kita already saw her and asked her to come closer, but our heroine delighted her with beatbox skills.The embarrassed Hitori escaped into a dark corner.

After explaining Nijika and Ryo, why she escaped, she is surprised that they are not bad.And so they have already won Hitori to fill his second place for the guitar.She still felt guilty that she had escaped when the Onee-chan manager received help at work at Starry that day.

To the worry, Hitori Kita is so good in everything she did that our heroine felt that she would lose her identity.She was so worried that not only we were blessed with another Sombar melody, but also another well -made joke with the end inscriptions.So good!

There is still hope for our heroine when Nijika asked her to help Kita learn to serve drinks.It went as well as one would expect.One thing.Hitori noticed something interesting when she felt the tips of her fingers catch her hot coffee of the burned hand.Let’s go back to it in a moment.First the most important part.Kita asked her why he wanted to join the band.Hitori did not want to admit that she was to become popular from afar in the internal environment, so instead she said: world peace.

Great things again.