Rose of Versailles celebrates the 50th anniversary of the exhibition in Tokyo

Rose of Versailles celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Tokyo exhibition

by Danika Davidson on October 14, 2022.

In 1972, Mangaka Riyoko Ikeda released her series Shojo The Rose of Versailles.Fifty years later, the series sold in 20 million copies around the world and led to such adaptations as anime and musicals.She also left her mark on the Japanese psyche of pop culture, especially in relation to the Shojo manga.This year, as part of its fiftieth anniversary, in Tokyo there is the Róża Versailles exhibition.

The exhibition contains original drawings, as well as the thoughts of the creator of Ikeda.”At that time there was a gap between men and women and there were people who said that” women and children would not understand history ” – noted Ikeda.She knew it was a funny statement.”I was young and answered” I’m going to make sure it is a hit. “”

The series contains historical characters such as Marie Antoinette, but also fictitious characters such as Oscar, a girl brought up as a boy.

“Oscar is an amazing, ideal hero for girls,” noted Deborah Shamoon, an associate professor at the Japanese Studies Department of the National University of Singapore.She likes how the Oscar relationship with another character is presented, Andre.”He [Andre] admires all her features and does not try to change or make her more stereotypically feminine.”

“When I saw an Oscar for the first time, I was fascinated by how cool, beautiful, strong, and she was wonderful,” said 22-year-old fan of Suzuki, who learned about the manga from her mother when she was at the exhibition.

Udon Entertainment publishes The Rose of Versailles in English.He gave it


For the first volume:

“Oscar François de Jarjeyes is a young nobleman raised as a son by a father.As a commander of the palace guard Maria Antonina Oscar, he faces the luxury of the court of King Louis XVI in Versailles.Together with his servant André, Oscar is initiated into the intrigues and fraud of the last great royal regime of France.

Róża Versailles, Queen of Shojo Manga, is available for the first time in English!This luxurious hardback volume contains the first 22 chapters of the masterpiece of the historical novel by Riyoko Ikeda. ”


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