Rym Renny and Vincent Queijo in crisis? Confides

On Instagram Rym, he confided in his relationship with Vincent Queijo. He admits that there are quarrels.All details here.

That’s for sure


Villas of broken hearts 5, which they met Rym Renny and Vincent Queijo.

And between them was love at first sight.They gathered quickly and everything went well.That’s why they were madly in love that they left their adventure with TFX.And after returning to France, Rym Renny and Vincent Queijo never left.They lived quickly and rhyme immediately got pregnant.

Little Maria-Valentina was born of their love.

And recently

They greeted a second little girl, Alma, to broaden their family …

To the delight of Rym Renoma and Vincent Queijo!

Few weeks ago

Rym Renoms and Vincent Queijo also reached a new milestone in their relationship

.Two young parents got on discreetly.Among the guests were rather a candidates for reality TV.Mélanie da Cruz was present and did not fail to congratulate the two of the newlyweds on social networks.

And if everything seems to go well between them, there are some disputes, as in all pairs.

Information he revealed on Instagram by answering Internet users’ questions.

“But I know that one day we will be this crazy couple again!”»

“Vincent is a person who complements me.

Of course we are arguing!

But this is part of love and marriage.We met and we had children very quickly and closer.So we could not enjoy our love together, but now we only have what makes us happy.

But I know that one day we will be this crazy couple again!

Even if we are already very crazy.Vincent is my other half.I love him and I will love him all my life, “he said Rym in his report on Instagram.A nice declaration of love that Vincent had to appreciate.