Sagrada Familia, season 1: What is the date and time of release on Netflix?

Discover all information about the launch of Sagrada Familia on Netflix!Date and time of release, etc.

La Sagrada Familia will soon be available on Netflix.

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Holy Family

He tells the story of an Italian family in Madrid, which has several sinister secrets to hide.Finally, when they try to move on and new relationships are at stake, their past threatens that he will catch up with them.

The trailer begins with someone playing the piano and presents mothers.The narrative of the film explains that the mother is the source of everything from the birth of a child to protecting him for the rest of her life.The heroes of the story are Gloria, Abel and Aitana, who seem to have secrets to hide.To find out everything about Netflix editions, you’ll find them here.

This Spanish thriller is undoubtedly full of dark elements, secrets and insidious secrets.Now we will tell you everything about

Prime Minister of the 1st season of Sagrada Familia on Netflix!

What is the date and release time of the 1st season of Sagrada Familia on Netflix?

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The release date of the first season of Sagrada Familia

It was designated on October 14, 2022 on Netflix.For the impatient

The premiere of the first season of Sagrada Familia

.It was set at 9:01 to Netflix in Spain.

What can we expect from the series?


Holy Family season 1

He tells us the following: “The family, which hides a shocking secret, begins again in Madrid, where new relationships complicate their plans and the past begins to catch up with them.”When a new family moves into the neighborhood, the balance between the life of Gloria and her child, Aitana, is shaken.”

The summary also announces the appearance of a strong bond between four mothers from the neighborhood.However, the past of Gloria threatens to reveal what everything can change.And when this happens, Gloria will do everything to protect her family at all costs.