“Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie” × Shu Uemura: Dramatic transformations into superheroes according to makeup!

The first global flagship cosmetics boutique Shu Uemura “Shu Tokyo Makeup Box” will launch the first batch of limited items from the “Holiday Collection SHU UEMURA × Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Moon Eternal The Movie” on October 15, 2022. To commemorate cooperation, the event will take place for two days 15 daysand October 16, 2022

“Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon” is a series of comics for girls written by Takeuchi Naoko, which began in the monthly “Nakayoshi” (published by Kodansh) in 1991.The original comic was translated into 17 languages, and the animated series was created in over 40 countries.It became a social phenomenon in Japan and abroad.

In 2012, Sailor Moon launched its “30th anniversary”, introducing the edition in a soft cover, e-book, new anime series, musical, gadgets, fan club, as well as an official website, in addition to the full version of the original series of comics.This year, the “Museum of the Moon Wizard” took place, and in 2023 the last chapter of the series “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Cosmos The Movie” will be released, which will strengthen the series even more.

During this event, SHU Uemura will propose cosmetics and makeup techniques for each person, using a limited collection cooperating with “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie”.

The collection includes eight items: “Moon Crisis Eye Palette (1 type),)”, “Eternal Prism eye palette (1 type)”, “Rouged Unlimited Kinu Satin”, “Rouged Unlimited Kin Cream”, “Rouged Unlimited Amplified Lacquer”, Ultim 8∞ Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil, “Shu Makeup Box Mini”, “and” Hard Formula Hard 9 Seal Brown 02 “.

After a nice transformation with items from the collection, fans can take pictures in a selfie room, which is available to a limited extent during the collection.They can also decorate them with stamps from a limited edition.

In addition, only during these two days special content will be available, such as limited gifts for buyers of items from the collection and light performances.

(C) Takeuchi NaKO ・ PNP/Committee for the production “Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie”


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