Saints Row: an update that can change everything

After the chaotic launch of Saints Row, it’s time to announce an update that can change everything.

Starting Saints Row was at least chaotic.You can also read our test on this subject, which explains the reasons.In general, many mistakes hinder the game, and thus inevitably fun.Aware of fear, a huge update is planned for November.

A great, life -saving update for Saints Row

Indeed, according to the new

Blog post

The only priority of the Volition studio is to solve Saints Row problems:

The priority of development is to provide improvements, not new functions

And this is indeed the purpose of the famous November update, because Volition has declared that it will contain more

200 error corrections and stability improvements

.This also applies to cooperation, which currently seems to be the main problem for the community:

We are particularly aware of the problems that some players had from Saints row in cooperation and we apologize that these corrections lasted longer than expected, while we introduce them and test them thoroughly.

We know separately that the game is not working.T We always clearly explain how and when cooperation is possible, so we also work on it.


Studio Saints Row claimed that the update will also include a number of gameplay improvements, including a reduced number of repetitions of some activities, more satisfying challenges, better vehicle service and changes in functions.touch system.

It’s always a bit sad for everyone a chaotic premiere, because we suspect that developers are trying to do everything to satisfy players without success.However, it seems that Saints Row also has great features, such as a very funny and entertainment side.Let’s hope that the November update (for now without a specific date) can have a positive effect on the game.