Schedule of daily streams reviews for autumn 2022.

For curious, the most sought after series this season were Spy × Family, then Chainsaw Man, Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury, Mob Psycho 100 III and Akiiba Maid War.

Check below who will report hits from this anime season.

Rebecca Silverman

• spy × family

• Bibliophile princess

• Kruk from the inner palace

• Welcome to the Demons School, IRUMA-CM

• Delicious party ♡ Pmenture

Richard Eisenbeis

• Uncle from another world

• Eminence in the shade

• I am a vile man, so I tame the last boss

Grant jones

• They stoves

• Golden Kamuy S4

• Shinobi Ittoki

Steve Jones

• MOB Psycho 100 III

• Do it yourself!!

Nicholas Dupree

• My Academy of Heroes Karen

• Bocchi rock!

• Biller: a thousand -year blood war

Christopher Farris

• War of Akiba maids

• reincarnation as a sword

• Legend of galactic heroes: Die Neue These – intrigue

James Beckett

• Chainsaw Man


• to your eternity 2

AJ/Cartoon cipher

• Bluulock

• Uzaki-chan wants to meet!

• Urusei Yatsura

• more than a marriage, but not lovers

Kim Morrissy

• Gundam mobile overalls: Mercury witch