School of good and evil: Will Agata end with Tedros?

Find out if Agata will end in connection with Tedros at school and evil school!

The school of good and evil is available on Netflix.

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Find out if Agata will be associated with Tedros

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School of good and evil

This is basically a story about maturing with a fantasy overtones.The plot revolves around Sophie and


childhood friends who sign up for the title institution in which the heroes and villains of fairy tales are created.To find out where the movie was made, click here.

Zofia dreamed of becoming a princess, but she ends evil at school while


who did not intend to come, he is reluctant to join the school of good.They meet there


Son of King Arthur.Soon between



And Sophie appears a trace of a romantic triangle.

Will Agata and Tedros become a couple?

Will Agata and Tedros end up as a couple at school of good and evil?

At the end of school, good and evil


He decides to give up school and return from Sophie to his hometown of Gavaldon.Their friendship is tested throughout the whole film, when Sophie is broken by Evil RafaƂ, and finally devotes himself to save Sophie.


death.You can find the explanation of the ending here.



He hugs Sophie, and when he cries over his body, Sophie begins to breathe again.Tears and feeling


For her they were strong enough to bring her back to life.However, if


and Sophie will return home at the end of the film, not earlier than


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He declares that he cannot leave his friend despite his feelings for Tedros.To find out if there will be a sequel, he reads it.

Will Agata and Tedros end up as a couple?Spoilers!

Fans of the original series of books know that love story

Agata and Tedrosa

This does not end there, because the next novels from the series see how their sympathy is growing.There are many obstacles on his way, but

Agatha and Tedros

They meet in books and even engage.

They have a few more tests before they can get married, but at the end of one real king, sixth and last book in the series,

Agata and Tedros

In the end they get married and become the king and queen of Camelot, the fictitious castle of King Arthur.