Scum’s Wish – Episode 7

Hello everyone and welcome back in Wrong Every Time.Today I thought that we would return to Scum’s Wish, in which Hana continues her death march, deliberately causing problems for everyone.”Inspired” by the joyful egoism of Akane, Hana decided that she would also demand everything and everything she wants, including Mugi (unfortunately), Ecchan (reluctantly and mainly by accident) and some random Dude Akane Fucked (and sourceimmediate regrets and immediate phrases).And what does he have to show in this new undertaking?You guessed a whole bunch of sadness and disgust to yourself.Who could guess!?

From the outside, it is terribly clear that the current Hana project was wrong from the beginning.Akane is a kind of sociopathic vulture of joy, who finds happiness only in refusing happiness to others, while Hana is simply a lost teenager who does not like herself and therefore desperately seeking confirmation from external sources.Being like Akane will never offer Hanie satisfaction that he gives her a monstrous instructor, but Hanie simply lacks experience to know it.From her perspective, the only important data points are: “Akane managed to achieve what I wanted” and “I believe that I am a monster, so I might as well behave like that.”It combines the natural uncertainty of going beyond childhood with ungodly motivation, which drives Akane, and as a result draws several very erroneous conclusions.

So far it has become clear that Hana would not simply reason her.Exit from this emotional apathy.She needs a friend who not only wants to comfort her, but even challenge her;But taking into account all other characters from this series involved in their own drama, it is difficult to see which of them plays this role.And in that case, perhaps the right enemy will manage in a blink – so let’s take my paste here and maybe let’s give her some sense in our poor, stupid hero.Time at the request of scum!

Episode 7

“LOTS OF LOVE”.The perfect title of the Power episode.The poor girl should really just get off the set and see what is happening next to high school, she is too innocent for this program

“I was on a date only once.”You see what I mean!?Everyone else begins their characteristic episode with a monologue about how their world is a gloomy hell of longing and infidelity, and the power simply says “I like charming boys and ice cream”

I love using these pink lace patterns at the top and bottom of the screen for this flashback.It really emphasizes how childish and idealized this whole situation is, as if we were looking at embroidered photos from a valuable trip in the album

“I’m sure it wasn’t a date because” was everything I could think about.We just played. “Her words confirm the childhood intangibleness of all this memory

And our first approach to her room after waking up even more emphasizes her childhood, because we see that her chest of drawers is topped with both a carousel with toys and Lord and Lady dolls.Clearly emphasizing her simplified, idealized view on “intended love”

It’s a bit tragic hearing how the power of thought “it was terrible on my part” in relation to her game, given how terrible her classmates were to.But this is how doubt in yourself works;We are often our only reference point for good or bad behavior and we can be extremely harsh judges

And when her half -dressed father enters her, we see that she is expressing further concern about maintaining a kind of fake sense of elegance.I want to live in a fairy tale

“All your accessories and clothes seem to be very laborious.”Her dad is great

“I want to look the most beautiful as I have ever looked.This is partly for him, but above all for me.Everyone should do so – no one should find a replacement for important people in their lives. “It seems that she has gone back from her Muga desire to the entire value system focused on authentic life.Our minds are very good in constructing ad hoc philosophy to justify what we intended to do anyway

On the screen we see a short shot of something that looks like an interpretation of a small mermaid.The story of fraud and transformation of yourself into a pursuit of love, with tragic consequences

Meanwhile, Hana is on the next date with the compression of Akane, which he doesn’t even like

“Is your head simply filled with sex?”Quite a lot.”Hana wants the happiness that Akane seems to have, but none of the things he is looking for, does not make her happy, so she just got stuck in this constant loop “wait, why don’t I play well?”

Oh my God, the power outfit is so big.Real proof of her decorative childhood, overloaded with bows and ruffles

In a movie about sirens, the mind of power turns back and forth, wondering if the convicted love is better than the lack of it

“I would feel bad if the movie was boring because I chose it.””If it were bad, it would be the fault of the film.Do not worry about it.Unfortunately, the power cannot simply coexist with Mugim;He always walks on egg shells, treating him as if he disappeared when he does something he doesn’t like.Such one -sided adoration cannot really develop into an equal or satisfying relationship – in fact he puts mugs in a similar situation to power, eternally worried that he will fall into an attachment of anxiety because of some perceived failures.But it is tantamount to an infatuation such as power, where the bridge between “I have always admired them from afar” and “now we are happily in love” is an extremely optimistic reformulation of their relationship

“It looks like if you go to sleep holding hands, you’ll both have the same dream.”I appreciate this author’s ability to enter a completely different, but equally common space above the head of teenagers compared to Hana and Mugim.The power is still in fantasies from junior high school, and writing gives them as honest as others do

Color pallets fit the mood of the character when we move away from the saturated light fantasy light to the darkness

“Everything that is left to me is my stubborn pride.That’s all. “Well, I’m not sure if you should regret that you have not gone with this guy, but it looks like you are learning very simple instincts that often guide other people

“I want to be obsessed with.And I won’t give them anything in return! “Hana’s fascination with Akane, to be honest, resembles a strange form of Chuunybyou.This is a simplified role of fantasy, not a real worldview

Meanwhile, Mugi is aware that an affair with acting cannot really satisfy your appetite

“I can create a perfect sleep in my head and just play it over and over again.”Yes, I am sure that this is enough for the near future, power.You are so good at it

Oh honey.And power makes such a sad spectacle, abandoning eternal longing that Mugi actually kisses her.It will certainly explain it and cleanse their personal relationships!

I mean that in a fair world this relationship would really fix the situation.The power actually has the features that Mugi falsely admired in Akane, and there is absolutely no healthy future in an affair between Mugim and Hana.Moca and Mugi are really the least toxic pairs in all this production, although it doesn’t say much

Now in the Muga Moca room he cannot fail to recognize all the ways in which their desires have always been distributed.Even at the Primary School, Moca has always tried to match the mugs to fantasy, which he did not even want

Oh, I love it!Gray accepts the fact that she has always used her alleged innocence and fragility as a cover to put on her own, but now he intends to honestly impose her will and look for her desires.Breaking the bandage will be painful, but ultimately better for everyone and basically the only way she and mugi could ever hope to connect as equal to equal

“Now, when I know this sweet taste, there is no turning back.” Yes, there is basically an infinite gap between the uncontetettage longing of teenagers and the actual experience of romance.You can’t go back to “I will be happy with his nice looks for a thousand years” after crossing the abyss

The first experience of power with adult romances is directly contrasted with Hana’s more childish instincts;We see how he wishes the falling star, moves over the bedroom of stuffed animals, and then we listen to her oath that “do it” if he throws a stick into the lollipop in one throw.A list that clearly shows that these two are not really different in terms of emotional development

The power briefly describes how the mugs perceive it: “a special decoration that cannot be touched.”After this earlier decision, it is much easier to clearly describe it with matters

And the power herself was happy, being able to play this role, as long as she kept Mugi close to each other.But now he realizes that she has grown out of this stagnation, visually realized as another film romance

Although their paths to this revelation were completely different, both Mugi and Hana came to the same conclusion: they have enough lies and before the end of the holidays they admit to the object of their feelings.

And ready

Damn clear, they really do it!In the end, they take positive steps towards solving all these ambiguities, and maybe even leave the past behind them!Of course, I can’t believe that everything will go so clean, but it was still incredibly refreshing when I saw Hana and Mugi admit some of their mistakes and take positive steps to bypass them.And the man, damn!Her penetrating honesty convinced me from the very beginning, but this episode served as an incredibly satisfying immersion in its worldview, crowned with the most effective moments of personal development that we saw from any form in this series.The power could start at the age of maturity, but it seems that it is already rejecting the kind of intended love, which Mugi and Hana are busy, and is preparing to look for his desires with honesty and brightness.Get them, power!

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