Season 3 Yuru Camp officially announced

Relaxed camp (

Yuru camp

), Season 3 is officially progressed, as announced today with a special illustration.The original author, Afro, commented on the announcement, saying that they never thought that they would be able to continue so long and that they could not wait for the broadcast.

The C-Station studio animated both anime and a film directed by Yoshiaki Kyougoku, which premiered at the beginning of this year.The designs of the character were Mutsumi Sasaki, and the script was Mutsumi Ito Ito and Jin Tanaka.Tanaka also worked on television anime, and Ito created a composition for the side series Room Camp (Heya Camp).The first season of the anime adaptation was broadcast in the winter 2018 season, and the second in the winter of 2021. Crunchyroll co -financed anime and also broadcast them.

Laid-Back Camp was based on a manga by Afro, which began seriesization in 2015. Manga has 12 volumes, with

Jenami Press

He publishes English translation and describes the story as:

Breaking the tent, lighting fire and eating pasta with a view of the Fuji Mountain … Rin and Nadeshiko love the camp!Enjoy their joy of traveling, and maybe even get a clue or two about the roughness of the outdoor.You can just go to the campsite!


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