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See explanation of the end of season 3

, read on!Nowadays, a TV series is less and less often watched, which ends with your own conditions, without too fast or too long cut.

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The original Apple series by the creator of Peaky Blinders, Steven Knight, could do it at the right time, ending her 24 episode at the end of the third season.

The very ending is a two -part history, with the first part is the end of the war between the Tormada army and the Maghry people, while the second part gives the opportunity to reflect and close.Fans can be polarized with this end, as always, but for better or worse.Here

Explanation of season 3 finals on Apple TV+!

Explanation End season 3 in Apple TV+


See the finale of season 3

, Tamacti, Kofun, Haniwa and Wren join the fight.The guard kills Tormada, finally wearing torture and pain through which he was through a second man.However, despite the death of leaders, most of the enemy army remains intact.

This is where the woman stops for the last time.He approaches bombs and detonates them, killing all enemy soldiers and ending the battle for good.Baba dies as a warrior, protecting his family to the last breath.


See the finale of season 3

, after sacrificing Baby, the room returned with the Trivantians.However, it turns out that they decided to blame Tormada’s misfortunes on the viewers.As you would expect, Maghra refuses, but a temporary treaty is signed between the former enemies.

When Maghra makes it clear that he wants Kofun to replace her as Payi’s head, Paya decides to blind, so that there are no differences between him and the people he will rule.Kofun also decides to belong to the same world as his son Wolffe.

Unlike her sister, she always tried to belong to the world around them.Although we were not shown how Kofun lost his sight or his later life, we can see how he was experiencing the last sunrise before his world sinks into the dark.To find out everything you need to know about season 4, read it.

While Kofun wants to stay close to his family, and even loses his sight to become King Paya and the father of Wolffe, Haniwa aims to discover the world and explore the past of humanity.Down

See the finale of season 3

After the wedding of Haniwa and Wrena Charlotte returns to Pennsa and gives Haniwa a map that Sheva gave her.

The map leads Haniwa and Wrena to what turns out to be a New York public library.When Haniwa and Wren come in, seeing people how they fill a large room.Haniwa realizes that this is his village.If there is one thing that can prove beyond doubt that your eyes are returning to the world, it is a gathering of people.