Seiken Denstsu: Legend of Mana – The Teardrop Crystal – 02

「ラピスラズリ (第 2 部)」 (lapis lazuli)

“Lapis lazuli”

It’s okay, it wasn’t so bad or something, I expected it to be another train wreck and although the quality of the animation was not divine or anything like that, it was still pleasant and a bit relaxing and calming.I would even go to say that this could become a sinful pleasure because of it.With dungeons in full bloom, things gained momentum.Shiloh finds Shinju-Hime (Nazuka, Kaori), and then loses her sight, then finds Ruri (Umehara, Yuuichirou) and finally creates the right team to search for Shinju Aka Pearl.In this way they meet the head of the dungeon and fight him, not with the power of Shiloh, but Shinju has a kind of awakening or hides some of his powers.

I reconciled with it very quickly.Lady in danger, Shinju played, although this could be part of her character, I was not interested in it.On the other hand, she continues and gives Shiloh a new nickname, which I personally consider to be really sweet.Big Brother Shiloh is his new name and you can’t convince me differently.She was even caught by a large rabbit and of course faint, which is necessary to activate its power.

After we receive a certain exhibition, this time about Jumi people.Who are made of jewels, that is, if the English name Ruri is something that you can attach to, it is not exactly subtle.Elazul – literally means “blue” in Spanish.I couldn’t hide it, even if you tried.And of course great jewels on their breasts are dead gifts.To delve into this issue, search


On Google Images and You you will find hundreds of examples of Lapis Lazula.And search up


And you’ll find hundreds of images of pearls.Even their names in Japanese refer to precious stones.During the translation of the game abroad, the same sentiment had to be moved.Of course, Pearl was the easiest, but Ruri made the biggest change.




In any case, there is apparently a legend that says that if you cry for Jumi, you turn into a stone, and if Jumi is crying and then a storm comes.Well, color the interested parties, I really want some anxiety to turn into a deadly storm.Or someone turns into stone for crying over Jumi.That’s why Ruri (yes, I will still call him his original Japanese name) he behaved like such an unpleasant little brat.There was a reason for this and was justified.Of course, Rachel (Takahashi, Minami) completely understands the situation.Everyone has their own unique problems that they have to deal with.

After the dungeon, Shinju gives a shiloh some artifact with burning fire inside.And after Shiloh talks to the right NPC and will be able to start a series of tasks, as in the last episode, he is imagined by the 3D world and discovers that this artifact opens another dungeon that he can delve into.When this new dungeon is already open, and Shiloh, rested and prepared, meets this new companion and sets out about the first dawn to this new dungeon.With a pipe from a pipe and a boy in their hands, they both set off to the dungeons of the saints fire.I must add that Shiloh returns home and covers the children with a blanket of children in his home is super sweet and definitely rounds the atmosphere of his older brother.

Nostalgia overload?

Maybe it is so since even skeletal mobs are faithful to the original game, and when they fight with a great rabbit boss;Remix playback begins

Pain The Universe

.Is this boss’s music?That’s right, this is the boss’s music!Even when the boss fight lasted, he played the BGM rockandroll JRPG synthesizer from heavy guitar.This is the equivalent of the quarrel of Sora and Riku, and the remix Simple and Clean began playing in BGM, which in consequence is something that would actually take place if Disney did not close

animated pilot

Kingdom Hearts series as early as 2003.Kingdom Hearts was to have an American animated series.Of course, based mainly on Kingdom Hearts I.

Sorry, I’m going out of the way.However, regardless of the case, you stand in this series, so far it is not a disaster, for me Scarlet Nexus, when it appeared for the first time, even though I got through the 8 episodes of this series.Personally, I don’t want to repeat, so I look at Seiken Denstsu with careful eyes.However, they share with them this undeveloped unfinished quality.Seiken denstsu is nostalgia to survive, scarlet nexus no.The key difference in the first is that it is based on a beloved game, while the second is based on a soulless multimedia project.So let’s see how it goes with Seiken Denstsu, I hope that it will give me more to say as a week passed.This one should certainly be added to my Friday composition.


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