Seven Seas license story about seven lives, the bride of the great snake, the last game in the manga

The premiere of the manga in May-Lipc 2023

Seven Seas will release the entire three -volume series A Story Gina Shiakawy Manga Seven lives (Gojussenchi no ISSHŁ) as a single collective volume physically and digitally in May 2023.

The company describes this story:

On the disgusting streets of Tokyo, countless cats collect and fight for survival.One of them is Nanao: he used to be a domestic cat, but after the tragedy he had to cope alone, seeing to help only from a stray Machi’s tomcat.When some people begin to feed the homeless from their neighborhood, Nanao carefully begins to bind them.But people – brother and sister who lead a bath – have their own problems and wounds.Can Nanao help them cure them or find a new home in this process?A moving story about family and survival!

Shiracawa launched the manga in February 2018 on the website and application of Kadokawa Comic IT.The third and last compiled volume of Manga was sent to Japan in June 2019.

The company describes this story:

A giant snake has lived in ancient mountain for 500 years.Miyo, a unlucky young woman from a nearby village, was paid as a tribute: she is to be the bride of the snake.Miyo was always afraid that a huge talking snake would devour her whole, but when God takes her in, she treats her like a wife, not a meal.His flipping language vibrates in delicate words, his powerful, crawling body wraps around her in a hug.This God is nicer than suggested by his monstrous figure, and Miyo thinks that he could learn to appreciate the inhuman character his love takes on.What does being the bride of the beast really mean …?

Manga was published at Comic Marche in Kadokawa in February 2021.

The company describes this story:

In elementary school, the rich and spoiled Yanagi Notota was known for its outstanding achievements in science and sport.But then he suffered the first failure of his life when Kujou Mikoto, a girl from a poor family, moved to his school and at every step did better than Naota.Staying after this unforgivable blow to his pride, Notota decided that he had to make Mikoto lose on something … so she lost her heart for him, which he could then break!Now that they are both in college, will Notota finally be able to get Mikoto’s feelings – will she lose the last match with her?

Amano released the manga in the Hakusensh Lala magazine in July 2011 and ran until 2016. Manga had a total of 11 compiled volumes.

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