Seventh Time Loop: The villain enjoys a carefree marriage life with his worst enemy!Volume 1 [manga] review – wonderful, you have to read Shoujo Fantasy

“Great, you have to read Shoujo Fantasy”


: Amekawa Touko (history), Hinoki cinema (art)


: Shoujo, romance, fantasy


: Seven Seas


: September 2022

Over the past few years, the number of fantasy Shoujo series has increased virtually exploded.Among the countless new clues and subspecies, “Reincarnation of villains in Otome game” became common – and we dare say, abused – the story.So getting our hands in a real, honest fantasy Shoujo was a real feast and something that we could not wait for.

The 7-kaime No Akuyaku reijou wa loop, Moto Tekikoku de juuukimama on Hanayome Seikatsu about Mangitsu Suru (7th time loop: the villain enjoys a carefree life in marriage with his worst enemy!), Which we will simply call “7.The time loop ”is a brilliant manga full of charming characters, excellent humor, and addictive the main character.

Don’t let the subtitle “villains” confuse you-there is nothing Otome-Gry in it, so if you were looking for a decent fantasy Shoujo, 7th time loop is definitely a manga for you.

Join us today in the Honey anime, when we review the 7th time loop: the villain enjoys carefree marriage life with his worst enemy!, Volume 1!

Contains spoilers

The seventh time loop, adapted from the Light novel of the same name, begins with a strong and surprisingly dark assumption.Our main heroine, Rishe Irmgard Weitzner, is currently in the seventh life, she died six times.Each of these lives really began when her engagement with the successor of the throne ended, and she was exiled;In her various lives, she became a traveling buyer, a doctor and even a trained swordsman.

However, it seems that Rishe will die on his twentieth birthday, entangled in a destructive war started by Arnold.Hein, heir to the hostile nation.With each death, Rishe is reborn at the moment when her engagement is canceled, and every time she realizes a new dream that he imagines her before he inevitably dies.With every life she gaines more experience and becomes more expert than before – but her seventh will be different once!

An accidental meeting with Arnold Hein makes her become a hostage princess – or at least it is.what the Crown Prince thinks.In fact, Rishe no longer has stress related to life and dying;He is glad that she is a hostage of an enemy prince and lives a good life, being treated as a tool for political negotiations.But although he wants to laze, he cannot refrain from using knowledge from her previous incarnations to help people, and her strange actions will only attract unwanted attention …

The cover in the 7th time loop is just some of the best we have seen recently and fits perfectly with the modern Shoujo style.Character designs and action conveniently fit somewhere between the silly humor Otome Game no Hametsu Flag Shika Nai Akuyaku reijou ni tensei shite shimatta … (my next life as a villain: all roads lead to destruction) and a refined sketch of the Tearmoon empire.

Why should you read the seventh loop: the villain enjoys a carefree marriage life with his worst enemy [Manga]

1. Excellent pace and style

Often, adaptations of lightweight manga novels may seem a bit forced, as if the process of creating scenery fought a war between the adaptation of history and the poppy seed in an attractive manga.

Fortunately, there are no such problems here;Mangaka Hinoki cinema created a manga without effort, which probably stands alone.In fact, if we didn’t know anything better, we would never know that there is a light novel – and this is a great thing for readers who prefer manga from the novel.

As we mentioned earlier, the style of art really stands out, and the expression and interaction of the character are worth the prices of admission itself!

2. Shoujo’s real fantasy!

To be honest, we love “reincarnation of otome” subspecies fantasy Shoujo, but after a number of vile threads, all of them merge into one insisting mess.For readers who really want to see a young girl taking over control in the fantasy world without forced clues in Otome, 7th time loop receives full grades.

In addition, history – Rishe survived several previous incarnations – adds (sometimes a dark) layer of intrigue to her character and shows how she grew up through the challenges of every unsuccessful life.In this respect, 7th Time Loop resembles an inspired Shoujo approach to Re: Zero Hajimer’s karra isekai seikatsu (Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World-).

Despite the misleading subtitle, the 7th place of the time loop: the villain enjoys carefree marriage life with his worst enemy!This is Shoujo’s brilliant fantasy that offers a refreshing change of pace from the stories of villains in Otome, which recently dominated Fantasy Shoujo fantasy space.

With a strong feminine advantage and the superior message about taking over your own control of dreams and fate, Manga 7th Time Loop quickly became one of our favorite new editions this year.

Are you going to check 7th time loop: the villainess enjoy a careless life married to Her the worst enemy!, Volume 1?Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thank you for reading!

Author: Brett Michael Orr

I am a writer, player and reviewer of the manga and novel about light, I come from Melbourne in Australia.When I don’t create a new world, a good jRPG consumes me, I watch an anime or read a storm!

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