She-Hulk: Who is Skaar?Hulk’s son!Powers, etc.

Find out who is the son of Skaar Hulk, who is presented to us at the end of the first season She-Hulk in Disney Plus!

She-Hulk is available at Disney Plus.

If you want to know

who is Skaar, son of Hulk

, read on!While She-Hulk was the history of the origin of Jennifer Walters, the series


It was also the first time Hulk in the lead role since 2008 The Incredible Hulk.


Since Mark Ruffalo replaced Edward Norton as Bruce Banner and Universal, he is the owner of the rights to distribute this character, he has largely avoided a film from 2008 and a later solo film.I mean until now.Disney will not only take over the rights of the character from next year, but also

she Hulk

He returns to the various threads of the plot from the film from 2008, while preparing the foundations for the future stories of Hulk.

But the appearance of a specific character in the finals of the season

she Hulk

He suggests that Hulk’s film future may be earlier than expected.At the end of the first season, Hulk introduces us to his son Skaar.

But who is Skaar?

Who is Skaar, son of Hulk?

Little is known about


in, as his short episode in

she Hulk

This is the first mention of him.Under


Her Hulk

We don’t know who the second father is


Nor for how long Bruce knows him.From the first episode

she Hulk

it follows that the Sakaarian ship, which broke Jen, turned into

She Hulk

, she was sent by Skaar when young Hulkling found out where his father was.

It caused Hulk to return to


, returning to earth with his son.However, introduction


It is not limited to, and the character comes directly from comics.The history of Skaar in comics will probably be included in his own film, with a seemingly insignificant line suggesting that this will happen, probably based on the plot of Planet Hulk, which introduced Skaar to Marvel Comics.

What are Skaar powers?

Skaar powers

They are similar to Hulka from comics, because the figure inherits strength, endurance, endurance and senses of his father, which is a Hulk .. just like Hulk,

Skaar powers

They are strengthened by anger.However, unlike Bruce, Skaar received some powers from his mother.These powers include the ability to manipulate lava and stones through what is called ancient power.To find out who Skaar’s mother is, go here.

When did Hulk have a son?

Probable answer to the question when he had in it

Son Hulk

during his stay in Sakaar between the era of Ultron and Ragnarok.The banner remained on the planet Sakaar for over two years as a Hulk, until Thor found him as a champion of the Grand Master.You can find everything you need to know about the premiere of the second season of She-Hulk HERE.

Ragnarok only shows Hulka on his last days on the planet.It is not a logical assumption that in the last two years Hulk had a child with someone on Sakaar.As for the future, the possible adaptation of Planet Hulk closer to the plot of comics indicates that Marvel Studios plans to show exactly what Bruce did in space, as well as the beginnings of Skaar.It will turn out if Skaar will appear in any movie or series that will take place after

She Hulk!