“She loves to cook and she loves to eat” manga in Live-Action

The series with the participation of Manami Higa and Emi Nishino premiered on November 29

NHK announced on Tuesday that the Sakomi Yuzaki series “She Loves to Cook and she loves to eat (Tsukuritai Onna to Tabeta Onna) is an inspiration for the television series, which premieres will take place in the NHK Yorudor program block (evening drama) on November 29 at 22:45.JST.The series will perform Manami Higa as Yuki Nomoto (a girl who loves to cook), and Emi Nishino as Totoko Kasuga (a girl who loves to eat).The performance will have a total of 10 episodes.

Other members of the cast of the series are: Misato Morita, Shūhei Nakano and Yoshihiro Nozoe.Yuri Yamada writes the script, and Gorō Itō is responsible for music for the series.

Yen Press publishes manga in English digitally and physically.The company published the first volume on Tuesday, and the second on March 21.

Yen Press describes this story:

Cooking is the way Nomoto de -stress, but one day, he discovers that he earns more than he can eat.So she invites Kasuga’s neighbor, who also lives alone.What will come out of this improvised invitation to dinner …?

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Photo © NHK


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