Shin Megami TENSEI III NOCTURNE VINIL SOUNDTRACK BOX SET is now available in Fangamer

The striking cover of the SHIN megami TENSEI III NOCTURNE SHINE SHINE SENSE SET.Photo source: Atlus/Fangamer

A hellishly good shin megami tensei iii nighture is not only a great jRPG game – it also has a deadly soundtrack!And that’s why we are excited

Fangamer box for 4 long -playing plates, which recently hit


And we recommend going there immediately and place an order.Considering how quickly the LP Perfect Blue Deluxe Audiophile Edition Tiger Lab Vinyl – we encourage you to act quickly!

The box set will provide fans of Atlus and Shina Megami TENSEI III Nedturne Return 79 USD.Yes, it’s expensive, but considering that it contains 70 songs, including the maniax pack and new Toni Infante graphics, it seems a good deal.

In addition, vinyl fans will like the general presentation of this set.And this is because each album has a unique color, such as Black Rider, Pale Rider, Red Rider and White Rider.And everyone is protected by a rigid case with phenomenal graphics.

The back of the box contains graphics, which perfectly reproduces the dark and sinister atmosphere of the game.Photo source: Atlus/Fangamer

Tsukasa Masuko, Shoji Meguro, Toshiko Tasaki and Kenichi Tsuchiya composed the soundtrack.European customers can buy a box set from Black Screen Records, ChipfreQ and Fangamer Europe.Unfortunately, clients from Japan will not be able to order this very exclusive and limited soundtrack.

But for Japanese fans it’s not all bad.CDJAPAN and Playasia have available copies of the original Shin Megami TENSEI III Soundturne Original Soundtrack (・ 女 女 神 転生 転生 転生 転生 転生 III-NOCKNE オリジナル ・ サウンド トラック トラック) at a price from 20 to 40 USD.This is an original pressing of compact discs from 2003, released by Sme Visual Works.

What is the Shin Megami Tensei III Nesturne?

This is part of the respected Shin Megami Tersei series by Atlus.A series deeply steeped in Jung concepts and occult motifs.And each SMT title places players in a post -apocalyptic world in which strange metaphysical beings will encounter – many of them are demons.

In Shin Megami TENSEI III Nesturne, the cult of destruction causes conception, which is an apocalyptic event.The player must lead the unnamed hero of the game through the Vortex world.Here he will contact malicious people and other survivors, such as Dante with Devil May Cry.

In general, the game perfectly reflects the unearthly atmosphere.This is partly due to the almost abstract artistic direction and eclectic soundtrack.

Shin Megami Tersei III Nesturne (entitled Lucifer’s Call in Europe) initially hit PlayStation 2 in 2003.And the HD remaster came out on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC in 2021.

Is the soundtrack good?

It is not only good, but it is probably one of the best SMT soundtracks that has ever been composed!As someone who owns the original, two -disc release of CD and finished the version of the game on PlayStation 2, the soundtrack left an indelible impression.

The songs include both calm, ambient sound landscapes and battle motifs inspired by J-rock.And the dark and gloomy moments of the game are continued by more melancholic songs.However, his more dynamic works are largely based on House and Techno’s influences and several noteworthy accord riffs.

Ultimately, it is a soundtrack that stands alone, which means that those who did not play this game can still enjoy it.And considering that this time it is a vinyl edition, it is also very collector’s.Let’s hope Fangamer has enough copies in the warehouse to satisfy all SMT fans and vinyl seeking phenomenal auditory sensations!