Shine Post Episode #11

Let’s start with Noki Hinase, where he talks to a mysterious interlocutor.Speaking of this interlocutor, it seems that he writes lyrics for the new song Tings and knows Haru Nabatame.

It is a pity that we will never find out who this mysterious interlocutor is when Shine Post is approaching the final.

In any case, this penultimate episode focuses on Kyouce Tamaki, where, despite overcoming trauma, Kyouka is really concerned about the comments of Ren Kurogane, where even if she does not make any mistakes, Tamaki has no unique features compared to her peers.

Of course, let’s not forget that she became the middle defender in episode 4, although it is a shame that Kyouka Tamaki after this episode was to accelerate forward.

So, when she wonders about her career, Kyouka Tamaki saw Haru Nabatame running through the street where I have the impression that she is meeting someone.

It turns out that Haru meets his friend Ren Kurogane, where Hy-Rain brought a few donuts as a gift, although he still wants Nabatame to return to her former Idolek group.

Unfortunately, it seems that Ren Kurogane is really careless, because the viewers immediately saw the famous idol.Okay Ren, I think you should meet your friend somewhere in secret!

Fortunately, Kyouka Tamaki came to save Ren Kurogane and Haru Nabatame.I must say that there is MVP in this episode, even though it was called ordinary Jane of Tings.

Speaking of Tamaki, she called Kurogane to be a popular idol, who carelessly hides her presence.

Now let’s talk about Renna Kurogane, where the reason why Haru Nabatame wants back in Hy-Rain is because they made a promise after watching Hotar’s legendary concert.

And I am really not surprised that everyone who was at Hotaru’s concert is inspired to pursue the dream of Idol, although the road to fame is quite difficult.

So Ren Kurogane invited his friends to join the interrogation and become idols.While Haru Nabatame accepted the invitation, their second friend Homare Torawatari refused because she would prefer to watch idols as a fan.

And I really respect Homare’s decision to stay a fan of idols because she will never have to do it.I feel the pain of lack of talent compared to Haru Nabatame.Seriously, I think Ren made a mistake by inviting Haru to Rainbow Management, just to get emotional injuries after Haru surpassed her.

And speaking of Haru Nabatame, she made it clear that she would not return to Hy-Rain, because she didn’t want to hurt someone again.

For now, Ren will go away, giving Haru a donut bud.Come on, her colleagues idols from Rainbow Management are just looking for her.

Of course, Ren Kurogane will not stop until he regains his best friend, even if Ren is deeply hurt in the long run, if Haru returns to Rainbow Management and exceeds her both.And again the rest of Hy-Rain.

Now it’s time to talk about Kyouce Tamaki, where after hearing the story of Ren Kurogane it seems that her determination was quite shocked, because Kyouka has no unique features except being an idol who makes no mistakes.

Although Tokeka-San supports her, the presence of Kyouuki Tamaki almost does not exist, because he is overshadowed by characters such as Rio Seibu, Yukine Gionji and the mentioned Haru Nabatame.Basically, she is a replacement dancer in the eyes of Ren and Kyouka will remain so!

Until Hinas’s naoki, he comes up with a plan that Kyouka Tamaki will drastically help in standing out in front of the audience.On the other hand, I am worried that his plan at the last minute can affect the opposite effect on the day of the concert.

In any case, let’s hope that Kyouka Tamaki will help his idols in their upcoming jubilee concert in Nakano Sun Plaza.See you next time and I believe that Tings will win!

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