Shinmai Renkinjutsushi no Tenpo Keiei, Episode No. 02

Let’s look at this episode with Saras Feed, where despite having a declining store of alchemists in the Gelba Rohha mountain band, it seems that she found a lot of medicinal herbs in her yard.

Not only this, but the store itself has everything, from the furnace, to the bathtub, to various tools for making mixtures.Of course, only the bed is missing.

With this, it’s time for Saras to use her magic to clean this place in the blink of an eye.It is good that the previous owner of this program has everything he needs to start operating.

After cleaning her store, Saras went outside to meet various people, such as Lorea, where she is really happy, seeing such a city girl like she coming to the village, although Saras FEED is just starting her career of an alchemist.

After Lorea Elles is coming, where he will lead Sarasa in a meeting with various inhabitants of the Gelba Rohha mountain range.It’s nice that the adult helps Saras.

Let’s start with their carpenter Geberk, where he can make a bed for Sarass, but he can’t do it in the blink of an eye, because Geberk ends his backlog at work.

When she can wait for her turn, it’s sad that Saras FEED will not have a comfortable sleeping bed at night.

Next is the mayor, in which he is delighted, seeing an alchemist for a long time.You see, the previous one was an old man who left the city after a fracture of the spine.

It is really unfortunate that the old alchemist retired because of age, of course the expectations of Sarasa are really big, where she. “I will help different people.

And finally, a visit to a local restaurant, where Delal will serve a delicious meal to a new Alchemist.Well, they want to welcome Sarasa with open arms!

Speaking of arranging a welcome party, one of the clients wants to make a party trick of Saras Feed.I wonder what’s in the middle of this lunch box?

Oh, it’s full of mistakes, like Sarasa Feed can “bear them.Okay, this patron is damn drunk that he made a terrible party trick!

It seems that she finished visiting various places when Sarasa returns home.As for drunkard, Delal and Elles will later be nasty.

After visiting various townspeople, it’s time for Saras to make her own mixtures, from creating glass bottles from the oven, to mixing different herbs, until they are ready to pour into bottles.This is the devotion!

Of course, she can’t sell these mixtures immediately until her store is repaired.Sure, it cleaned the interior, but the outer part has not been restored, which gives new customers terrifying vibrations.

Meanwhile, it seems that Ophelia Millis visited the Sarasy store with her products, even though he wasn’t open yet.

Author: Road, Ophelia Millis took 3 days to reach the Gelba Rohha mountain band, running as fast as possible.I can’t believe that Ophelia chose Sonic The Hedgehog in reaching his destination, compared to Saras Feed, where it took a month.

In any case, despite graduating from alchemy school, Ophelia wants to keep Sarasa in form, teaching a young alchemist to rule the sword.defend yourself against bandits.

Oh yes, let’s not forget that Ophelia is in the mountains after the Sarassia Potion, because it will use magic to teleport mixtures to the city.And don’t worry, Ophelia will pay Saras.

Despite sales from your master, the Sarasy store is still in poor condition …

Until something amazing happened the next day, in which the inhabitants decided to help Saras in repairing her store.

In addition, Geberk immediately bedding, because he will be bad if such a little girl like Sarasa Feed will sleep on the floor.As for pillows and other amenities, Lorea will help Saras make them.

Meanwhile, this pub visitor apologized for his behavior when he and his buddies would help rebuild the Sarasy store to repent with his mistakes.It is great to hear it instead of behaving like a fool!

In any case, it seems that her store will be repaired in the blink of an eye, because Saras FEED will start operating as soon as possible.But who will help the Alchemist?

Well, nobody other than Lorea, which will sell Sarasy products.It seems that the young alchemist has a helper when he intends to start his business, selling mixtures and other healing items.

But this ends the second episode, in which I have to say that Sarasa Feed begins to fall in love with his new work environment.I am afraid that he may not like work in a remote area, but I am glad that Sarasa received support from the inhabitants of the Gelba Rohha mountain range.

Now you can see the time when the Sarasy Alchemical Store is open!

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