Shinobi no ittoki-episodes 1-3

Shinobi no ittoki makes a strong first impression.The assumption is quite simple – Ittoki believes that he is an average, though busy junior high school student.He spends a lot of time at school, then at school, then at gymnastics and other classes, to the extent that he never spends a lot of time with friends.Certainly, there is no time for a girl or romantic entanglement, and she is still observed by Kousetsu, a girl whose mother entrusted him with guarding him.But the constant drudgery begins to tire him and wants to try new things – enter into new potential interest in love.The only problem is that on the first date he is trying to kill him (like a bunch of random ninja) and it turns out that all people in his life are in a hurry to protect him, because he is secretly the successor of Iga Clan Ninja.

The configuration is not necessarily groundbreaking, but it is very well made.This kind of secret configuration of the shadow war, in which various factions fight for power in hidden places away from the mundane world, is always a suggestive tone.Ninja clans that exist nowadays, involving companies or governments?Sure, let’s see what it leads to.

I think that what Shinobi No Ittoki sells is a combination of connections and high -quality production.Although, of course, not everyone was a carefully managed micro descendant of the centuries -old Shinobi dynasty, I think that the rest of Ittoki’s struggle is probably quite known to the audience.”I am so busy with a school that I never see my friends, my parents are too controlling, and I just want to start living the way I want” is perhaps a common feeling of teenagers.And twisting a very heavy scenario of fulfilling the wishes of a girl who likes ittoki out of nowhere in the attempt to kill is simply a good job of ninja.

The sequences of shares are quite dynamic when starting.There are many skillful acrobatics, patients of upheavals and refined effects that sell the kind of world of action movies in which Ittoki lives.This is a solid tone and a strong start, so I’m curious what this series has up his sleeve.


A slightly weaker entry in the second episode compared to a strong initial show.

Emotional dimension is by far the best part of this episode.Ittoki is nervous (which is understandable) that his whole life has been turned upside down and must suddenly face a world full of ninja.For a teenage boy it is a lot, but great that he ultimately decides not only to be closer to his mother, but also because she went through a similar fight.

In general, Ittoki’s reactions seem reasonable, taking into account the situation.He is significantly outclassed by all others and has no explicit skills or secret natural talent (at least so far), so it’s natural that he is terrified and awkward and feels that he waves, trying to keep up with all these changes.He clearly lost his depth during the trial and although he has a good heart, it will probably be an obstacle for him in the absolute world of Shinobi.

A less attractive part of this episode is the conceit of the Ninja school for me.I know that we exchange one trophic background (mysterious shadow war) for another (school of magic), so there is no much difference technically, but I personally think that this is the first to be much more interesting.I hope that the Ninja school is just a temporary change in pace and we will come back to what I thought that the series was to be originally.

The last scene with NSC and the village of Koga, though short, is exactly what I was hoping to see in Shinobi No Ittoki.Fractions fighting for power, using and throwing away assets that can be denied, manipulations and counterattacks – that’s all I like in these stories.I hope that there will be more in future episodes.


The third episode is a great summary of both strong and weak sides Shinobi No Ittoki so far.

First, negatives. We go to a magical school with a long journey of a magic train (stop me if it sounds familiar) and we fall into magical school games, such as going to classes on time, finding a table for lunch and dealing with social clicks. I think this is the heart of why I don’t like to tell at school, especially when school is obviously a modern school – the clues penetrate in such an obvious way that everything starts to be indistinguishable from other school media. This is understandable to the audience, so I understand why this trail is so often used, but it has become so ubiquitous that after some time everything becomes the same great blot. Sure, ittoki’s rascal does not like him because of the murder of his head of his ninja clan, but the details fall off and they simply become “his tyrant does not like him for a reason” and “a nice girl helps him avoids a rascal” and so on. Of course, your course may differ, but I check during these scenes.

It is a pity, because the rest of what is happening in the episode is actually quite good and specific.Ninja overalls and cores are a funny grip, especially the idea that if the match is not simply appropriate, it disturbs the user control.Kirei and Ryoko are funny, new cast additions with a lot of personality (Kousetsu is also cool, but it is more limited because of the quiet and deadly atmosphere it has), and their voice actors provide vigorous and funny performances, with some really funnyReading lines.Ittoki is a total flap, but to make sure you get Manju during the fight and help Kirea, it was also a sweet moment that makes it easy to support.


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