Side no hero acadekaren 6 – 04

「継承」 (Keishou)


It is true that the side no hero acadekaren is a fun series for me.This is one of the first in which I can say that I was an early sponsor and became really huge.I was there when it was part of the “next generation” by WSJ (this term is processed every few years).And now it is part of the old guard, following in the footsteps of such things as Bleach and Naruto (they are really in its own category).Kaiju began and ended during Heroac and remains one of them (it was number 1 on the sale of the manga in the US last year and number 4 in Japan).

After all that really strikes me, it is: Heroaca is simply better than those newer, more fashionable novices.I must admit that he has its ups and downs, like all long -acting Shounen (besides what I could count on one hand with a supply of numbers).Maybe he is a victim of his own success, maybe too high set bar or an excessively negative group of fans.Or maybe I’m just biased.But comparing BNHA at the level at which anime is located (especially when Bones fully bends) with hits from the last few years, it gives more.More pathos, more irony, more depth of character, more emotional intensity.It is not always so good (most S4 certainly wasn’t), but its upper part still embarrasses these contenders.

There are many dramas happening on both fronts of the paranormal liberation war.The big three remains completely absent in the narrative.In the villa Hawks he is dealing with his worst nightmare – a duel with an enemy perfectly prepared to use its weakness.What’s more, Dabi knows his real name – which he has not used, since he was a little boy drawn into the intensive preparation program for the heroes.There is a great disclosure here (although not the last one can be suspected) about Dabi – he is a admirer of Stain, the killer of the heroes.Stain remains the biggest work of Horikoshi, at least when it comes to villains – even this short episode puts me in a thrill.

It has always been obvious that Dabi did not really pay attention to League, or Shygaraki or any of them.Now we know why this is happening, although none of these things is of particular importance for Hawks when he stares at the abyss of failure.Meanwhile, we return to the hospital, where most of the great drama takes place this week.Mirko is still turning into a rabbit goulash through the Nomus High End, when he desperately tries to attack the internal sanctuary of Garaki (and they are trying to keep her away from afar).Mirko is absolutely adamant and absolutely fearless – to the extent that you may wonder if she has a self -preservation sense.

Aizawa-Sensei is in many respects the key to the whole raid.He is always extremely important as a hero, because his quirks is, well, unique.It is always a powerful weapon, but especially in the face of what Nomus brings to the table.We have seen Eraser many times in the action center, but for Present MIC it certainly represents its most intense fragment of the whole series.Yamada Hizashi is largely a figure from the comic surrounded by Yuuei, and his quirks does not seem so powerful, but he also has exceptional value in this particular commitment.Not only that, MIC has a very personal participation in this battle – and deals serious blows above all.

The truth is that this is a battle on a scale in which every hero must be all the time.Someone like Crust with his quirks “Shield” was constantly on the front line and this is the little-seen x-sling, which ends alongside Present MIC, when the characters finally reach the laboratory, where there is a reservoir with Bacto Shigigraki.The daredevil got stuck in the fight against the best High End dogs – and burning the terrible Mirko wounds – and Eraser cannot move forward and free three high ends that he is currently neutralizing.Mirko damaged the Shigraki tank so much that MICA sound waves can break it, and he grabs a hysterical garaki, while X -ss is lagging behind with apparently dead shygaraki.

Well, the fact that Shigraki was not dead is not a surprise for everyone – even if only 75% of the quirks of all for one was pumped into it.Indeed, Garaki talked about it.Shigraki has all for one (his namesake retained a copy), and all for one has Garaki’s “Lifeforce”, who doubles the life of his owners – with Garaki a copy.All this takes place with the use of the largest weapon from the arsenal of villains, which has not been launched, but Shigigraki’s return to action certainly changes everything in a deep and terrifying way.