Silent Hill 2 Remember: Full box before the premiere

This should be expected with its unpredictability of many fans, Silent Hill 2 Remake is already a hit before the official premiere.Explains:

With the announcement of Silent Hill 2, the remake, which we are talking about in this news, it was madness on the Internet, especially on social networks.I must admit that this is a particularly promising license and expectations of her, to put it mildly, are very high.

Silent Hill 2 remake is a hit

Even if it is additional pressure, Capcom can openly open champagne because on your account

Official YouTube on PlayStation

The film has already gathered

over 2.3 million views

, which is gigantic, if you consider that it was implemented within 24 hours.And this, of course, not counting the long hours of the game in TTVE on Twitter, which allows you to fuel the debates.

As a reminder, this SH 2 remake is developed by the Bloober Team studio, which we owe the psychological horror of The Medium.This title will be released on PC and PS5 and will be available only on the Sony console for a year.Note, however, that some already see this remake with the wrong eye and accuse the game of too much care for it.In particular, because the original game had this somewhat “dirty” filter/grain, which provided players with a unique atmosphere.

At the moment we do not have the exact release date of this Silent Remake Hill 2, but we should not eat before 2023.At least.

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