Singing Głos One Piece Film: Red’s Uta, ADO, arrives in the United States in cooperation with Geffen Records

One -piece movie “Uta no Uta”: the cover of the Red Regular Edition album.Photo:

The birthday of JPOP ADO singer just fell out on October 24, 2022. Today it was announced that ADO would establish cooperation with Geffen Records.To broaden their horizons and easier to transfer its music to the United States, ADO decided to establish cooperation with Geffen Records, a music label founded in the USA in 1980 and operating as part of the Universal Music Group.

ADO recently attracted attention thanks to her excellent vocal performances as a singing voice from the UTA anime characters in One Piece Film: Red.One Piece Film: Red will be released in North America on November 4, 2022, and ADO will sing the movie song as the voice of Uty.

To cross my own borders as a singer, I decided to establish cooperation with Geffen Records in the United States.Working with a world-famous band, I plan to present the world the music of J-Pop and Vocaloid.I hope I will become a Japanese who will appeal to American teenagers and young adults.I am honored and excited that I can become part of the amazing musical legacy, which is Geffen Records.I am looking forward to going to the USA and many other countries.I want to convey my love and thank my fans!

ADO commented on

One -piece movie “Uta no uta”: red album cover.Photo source:

ADO also took care of informing her fans through her official Twitter account about my new partnership with Geffen Records, saying: “This time I worked with Geffen Records in the United States.About my singing activities around the world.Please expect my future actions. ”

この 度 、 アメリカ の ゲフィン ・ レコード と パートナーシップ を を 結び まし た。。

アメリカ を 始め 、 世界 で の 活動 に 力 力 を 入れ て いき いき ます。 これ から の 活動 を 楽しみ に に し て い い て ください!!

– ADO (@ado1024imokenp)

October 24, 2022


Film One Piece: Red goes to American cinemas in November thanks to Crunchyroll

ADO was a wonderful singing

ADO is a Japanese singer.In 2020, she debuted with the digital single “USSEEWA” at the age of 17!”USSEEWA” took first place on the Billboard Japan Hot 100 list, Oricon Digital Singles Chart and Oricon Streaming Chart.

You can watch the music video for the song “USSEEWA”, which reached 100 million views in 148 days after the release, and now has gained over 200 million views here:

Music video “USSEEWA”.

At Billboard, Japan reached 100 million plays 17 weeks after entering the list and was the sixth song in history.ADO was also the youngest solo singer who made this feat.

In October 2022, one Piece film: Red earned over 17 billion yen in Japan (about 144 million USD), which makes it the most profitable movie of the One Piece series and is currently the 9th most profitable film of all time in Japan.

We are very excited about the welcome of the Japanese ADO singer in the Geffen family.Her vocal performances in One Piece Film: Red conquered the world by storm and we are looking forward to starting cooperation when the film begins here in the USA in November.

Tom March, president of Geffen Records, commented on Natalie.MU


One Piece Film: Reda music video “Kaze no Yuke” released by the singer ADO

Illustration of ADO as anime characters.Photo source:

What is the plot of one Piece Film: Red?

The plot of the film will rotate around a new female character named Uta.Uta is a world -famous diva in the world of One Piece.The Action of the Red film will take place on an island where Uta will play its first public concert.People in the world of One Piece can listen to singing through their den den Mushis (magic snails of transponders that act as communication devices).

Den den Mushis enabled the escape of her true identity as the daughter of a famous, sought after pirate red -haired Shanks.Half of the hair is a redhead, and the other half is a lavender (which she probably inherited from her mother).

Fans from all over the world flow towards the island to take part in her live concert, including Luffy and straw hats.Unfortunately for straw hats, navy pirate hunters and other pirates are also planning to take part in a concert.The story really begins when the shocking fact is discovered that Uta is Shanks’s daughter, and chaos occurs.

Can you wait for easier access to ADO music in the USA?Can’t wait to watch they are furnaces: Red in November in the USA?Let us know in the comments section below!