Sono Bisque Wa Koi doll chapter 82: New project!Date of release and chart

The time of my dress-up is passing through the irregular phase.The last few chapters have been released about touch times.This month, the chapter in the queue is Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru, Chapter 82. The previous chapter concerned Juju and her concern for cosplay.But fortunately her mother was with her to tell her that she didn’t have to worry about her age.Not devoting much time, here is everything you need to know about the new chapter.

In the story below, fans will learn about the next project that Kitagawa and Juju will continue to work.It will be interesting to see what the next outfit will be for the two.And as usual, Gojo will be the main designer for both of them.

Sono Bisque Wa Koi doll chapter 82: What will happen next?

The next chapter Sono Bisque Doll Wa Koi Wo Suru will certainly be a continuation of the plot of Juju.She is a girl from this story who deals with most of everyday life problems.Starting with problems with confidence in problems with self -esteem, Juju deals with everything.But she is blessed that she has family and friends who look after her.The Sono Bisque waist doll Koi Wo Suru Chapter 82 will also take the story of Juju.

Although age was something that she could control, it is not possible to give her preferences on this basis.Kitagawa is expected to come to the house of Juju at his mother’s request.And they will both work on a completely new cosplay project.It will be interesting to see what character will change in.

Summary of the previous chapter!

81. Chapter My Dress Up Darling began with Juju’s conflict.The girl was discouraged by the fact that she could not continue his whole life.It was not only a smooth career choice, but there were many reasons she couldn’t continue the same.She shared the same fears with her mother.When asked about the reason for the same, she explained that cosplay is an art that looks good only to a certain age.

When she grows up, she won’t be able to dress up as her favorite character.It was the moment when her mother decided to gently recall her.Age was something that had the power to influence all life work.And she knew many women who continued their cosplay up to forty and fifty.Therefore, there was no reason for her to worry so early.

Sono Bisque Wa Koi doll chapter 82: Data edition

Due to the publishing irregularities that the letter is experiencing, the chapter also has a delay.Sono Bisque Doll Chapter 82 will appear in two weeks.So the final date of chapter is on October 21, 2022. Chapter will be released in the Enix Young Gangan Magazine magazine.We will definitely update this section in case of any changes.Therefore, keep an eye on The anime Daily to get more updates only here.