SPHERE IDOL, voice actress Ayahi Takagaki announces the birth of the first child

“It was a period when I had no choice but to believe and entrust my body to others, but now I am able to keep this warm life, so small, but durable, in my arms.I am filled with happiness and gratitude because of this wonderful miracle, “she wrote.

She thanked her staff, doctors and fans for their help and support, and said that she was doing everything to recover to be able to return to work.Finally, she noticed that although there are many things that as the first mother does not know, she plans everyday life with her child. “Honestly, I am full of uncertainty, but I love my child so much!”

Takagaki is a member of the Idolek Sphere group with other vocalists Minako Kotobuki, Haruka Tomatsu and Akim Toyosaki.Together they performed the songs for the second season of Squid Girl, Bakuman.3, two cars and more.Takagaki also performed solo songs for Anonymous Noise, Occult Academy, The Legend of the Legendary Heroes and Juden Chan.She played in many anime series, including Kakegurui as a Sumic, Sword Art Online as Lisbeth, Land of the Lustrous as Jade and Durarara !! × 2 as Erika Karisawa.

In August 2019, she announced her marriage with someone involved in the stage production of her performances.

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