Spoilers One Piece Chapter 1063: The law is in great trouble

Posted on October 11, 2022

SPOILERS from Chapter 1063 One Piece are now available, and this time the series has moved attention from Luffy and Vegapunk to Law and Czarnobrode.Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming chapter entitled “My only family”.

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-Cracker is frozen and Brulee is crying

-Pudding was kidnapped

We know that Czarnobrody wanted her because he has no one in his crew who could read poneglyphs, so Aokiii kidnapped her


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October 11, 2022

On the cover we can see that Cracker is frozen and the brûlée is crying.Brûlée says the pudding has been kidnapped.

Kuma attacks

In the previous chapter we saw that CP0 agents go to the island of Egghead to kill Vegapunk because it knows too much about the world government.CP0 is CP0 accompanying agents.It differs from a real kuma, because he wears sunglasses and has a robot arms.

Kuma attacks the Luffy group.Luffy tries to counterattack, but Bonney stops him.Then we see the younger picture of Kuma holding Bonney.

Luffy, Chopper, Jinbe and Bonney change using a special Vegapunk machine.Luffy, Chopper and Bonney wear futuristic clothes, and Jinbe Hawaiian.

They met Kuma, police work in uniform.It differs from a real kuma, wears round sunglasses and has a robot arms.Kuma attacks them.Luffy intends to hit Kuma, but Bonney stops him.

Bonney says Kuma is her real father and the only family.We can see the image of a younger kuma holding Bonney when she was a child.

The law of black -based ambush

There is no news about where Zoro, Nami, Robin and Brook are.Chapter 1063 moves to another place where we see a black -pitched ambush in the middle of the sea.

In chapter 1062, Eiichiro Ode revealed that Vegapunk is not only one person, but a group of six people.Although only 2 Vegapunzes have been revealed so far.

Czarnobrody is accompanied by Jesus Burgess, Van August, Doctor Q and Stronger.They all have the powers of devilish fruit.

Blackbeard Crew Devil Fruit Powers

They first revealed the devilish fruit powers of these black -produced crew members.The ability to use Riki Riki Well, I belong to Jesus Burgess.He has an abnormally high level of strength.Doc q ate Shiku Shiku no.Has the ability to spread diseases at others.Wapu lime is eating van Augur.Has the ability to teleport people.The stronger mythical zoan is stronger, model: pegasus.

Law versus the Pirates of Czarnobrodi

The law manages to escape to the island in the area, but Van August first teleports Burgess there.The whole mountain is taken by Burgess and thrown into Law.It seems that DOC Q appeared on Stronger.Black -blessed are currently sitting on both of them.

DOC Q turns lava into a woman for a while using its skills, but LAW is able to break the power of Dr. Q disease with his hooks.

The law says that strong hooks can annul the power of Akuma no.He also mentions that the fight against Kaidou and Big Mom gave him a lot of learning.

Czarnobrody is confronted with lava.Czarnobrody was curious which of the three captains who sailed away from Wanokunia would make the first contact with him.On the last page, Czarnobrody and Law are preparing for a clash with each other.

In the last exchange of words between them, Czarnobrody says

“Kaidou had to have one of them … so I will take all your road poneglyph !!”

.The law answers: “I’m ready !!The winner takes everything !!! ”

The situation of lava looks terrible, because not only is dealing with a black -fashioned one, but the strength of the black -produced crew is second to none.What’s more, Law has no strong warriors in his crew, so he fights the five strongest pirates.

At the moment, escape would be a better choice.The law is almost ready if someone does not have to save him.According to the speculation of some fans, Eiichiro Odea creates an excellent opportunity to show the power of the army of revolutionaries and father Luffy, Dragon.

What do you think about the last leaks from Chapter 1063?Do you think Law has a chance to win the fight against Czarnobrodie?Share your opinion with us in the comments section below.