Spy x family – 16

「ヨル (万 Kitchen)

“Yor kitchen”

「情報屋の恋愛大作戦」 (Jōhō-ya no Ren’ai Dai Sakusen )

“A great plan for the guidance of an informant”

They really focused on their favorite Spy X Family technique, dramatic irony.We feel the same suspicions and anxiety that Anya and Loid feels the same suspicion and anxiety that the same suspicions and anxiety that Anaa and Laid feels when Yor returns to the house lately returning to the house, emotionally and physically cut, from the reduced and close shots of the camera, suspenseful and incomplete knowledge about the situation.

When I saw the queen of Camilla’s bitch hugging with my best friends, I was scared that it was time to crush the soul for Yor.Instead, he is recruited by his boyfriend to help Yor learn to cook to please her husband.I feel sorry for Yor because I have to live with concern that the newly found family will reject her, and all because she does not meet the insolent expectations of the society, that a woman worth her salt will know how to cook.It does not help that Camilla catches the eye, annoyed by the fact that a girl with poor cooking skills can get married at all.

As Camilla takes social and her own misunderstandings, he says a lot about her.Her boyfriend recalls that Camilla is a great cook – her skills may result from the desire to be useful for him and her criticism of Yor, projection of her own uncertainty about the image she must maintain.How much her “teaching” yor results from kindness in her heart, willingness to help, and how much a desire for a good look for her man.I say “teaching” because it seemed that Camilla did nothing but watching the disaster area.She could at least teach Yor to cut, peeling and seasoning.Ultimately, the key is to start with what you know that Yor has been successful in recreating your favorite childhood dish, which is southern stew.

I definitely do not agree that the burden of cooking should only fall on a woman, but I am amazed, as anyone could come up with something like that.Seriously, who plays potatoes on shreds and cooks something like toxic waste – it goes beyond the limits of credibility.Although I had a lot of terrible culinary mishaps, I never created something like that.I think that all this death dish is that the anime horse was beating so much that now they just hit the air around him, the horse itself broke up a long time ago.

I would like Yor to free himself from her misunderstandings and take a step back to see that Loid is not worried about being able to cook.Loid seems to be perfect with cooking, and Anya is happy that she has a caring mother.They both need them as much as she does.Unfortunately, when something has been blessed with your head by propaganda and personal opinions, it can be difficult to break out, especially when you are so close that it is difficult to see.

Your is not the only one who has home problems-Franky is in the trash, because he can’t start his own family life.To help a friend, Twilight, smoothly speaking, has no idea, which is why Franky is going through.The map of conversations Twilight was like giving a kitchen knife to a five -year -old – in the hands of someone who does not know how to use it, becomes a weapon of self -destruction.Twilight has social skills to read people, thanks to which conversations work.Franky in his social clumsiness does not help him in this and no amount of prefabricated lines will help him in this – requires experience.

It was nice to see how Twilight was trying to help, moving a step further in hiding.For Franky’s training and sharing drinks with him in the consequence.In the end, however, Twilight obtained a better result in the transaction in exchange for his advice on a date on Franky’s new device.