“Spy X Family” Ch.68.1: Loid vs.Animation [review]

You may notice that Spy X Family Ch.68.1 is a bit too short.However, this is still a pretty good chapter, especially since this time Loid.What’s more, it even enters the world of animation in the most funny way.All this to push some education into Anya.

Spy X Family Ch.68.1: Details

There is a reason why we got such a nice colorful timetable for this chapter.

Spy X Family Ch.68.1 is the second latest chapter (at the time of writing this text) spy comedy


by Tatsuya Endo.Casey Loe returns as a translator, and Rina Map also returns as an author of letters.Shueisha originally published this manga chapter in Japan under his Jump Comics+ publishing house in the Shonen Jump+ magazine.VIZ Media is a company publishing this manga in NA.

Spy X Family Ch.68.1 was released

October 2, 2022

.You can read this chapter for free at Shonen Jump at the address

Viz Media

.This chapter will remain for two consecutive editions of chapters after that.After releasing the third chapter, this chapter will go to the Shonen Jump treasury, so you will have to pay the subscription to read it.So if you want to read this chapter, you can hurry up.

Additionally: Spy X Family now has an anime adaptation, which premiered for the first time

April 9, 2022

>.The second episode of the anime recently premiered

October 1, 2022

.All anime episodes can be viewed on Crunchyroll.However, the first course is also broadcast on


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WARNING: spoilers for Spy X Family Ch.68.1 below.If you want to read this manga chapter yourself, stop here and return after watching Loid’s short trip to the world of animation … with the expected comic results.

Spy X Family Ch.68.1: Summary of the chart

The project is implemented as this chapter is short.

I would usually put the first 5 pages in this review as a preview of what is to come.However, due to the very short length Spy X Family Ch.68.1 would mean that if I did it, I would publish half the chapter.So from that moment there will be no preview pages.Only the story summary.

Spy X Family Ch.68.1 begins us with Anya, which obtained an impressive low result in its last history test.Apparently, if only one question on 6 gives a result 7 in Eden Academy.No wonder Loid is not delighted.However, he does not give up.Even when Anya pats him on the back and tries to comfort him, Loid’s brain is busy inventing possible solutions for this problem.His desperate mind immediately caught the former incident when Anya solved the mathematical problem, because he appeared in the episode of her favorite cartoon Spy Wars.In this way, Loid undertakes the task of creating original stories in the form of cartoons to try to educate Anya.Basically: Loid decides to work part -time as an animator.

Loid and his adventures in animation

His face before the end of this short chapter.

Loid then meets with a long -term … friend (?) Franki to set up his own, improvised animation company, especially to shoot a “undentitated” episode of spy wars only for the purpose of injecting as many education as possible in Anya as possible.No, I really mean that.Loid apparently conducted so many research on Spy Wars that he can draw a tolerable imitation of the artistic style of the series.Thanks to Franky, helping in coloring, Loid has now performed the animation itself.However, this is just the beginning.Loid then records all voices himself, and Franky is responsible for sound effects and music.A few post -production later, and Loid now has its “unread” episode of spies, which is to show Anya, hopefully to deepen her education.

Unfortunately, Loid has animation, voices, music and other things down;As it turns out: he can’t write a good story if his life depends on it.Several scenes of the “unread” episode of Spy Wars we receive are full of the main character who has long, chaotic exhibitions/lectures even in the middle of action scenes.Loid managed to push as much information as possible into the episode, but he was useless, trying to connect it all in a coherent story.So the verdict of Anya: “This cartoon sucks.I can’t follow it at all.And so we have the last look at Loid’s shocked face before Spy X Family Ch.68.1 is coming to an end.

Spy X Family Ch.68.1: Good

Metahumor is strong with this.

Which is amazing at Spy X Family Ch.68.1 is so many stories that this 6-page chapter contains.Not really.This chapter has only 6 pages if you remove the color page and empty pages.And yet Tatsuya Endo not only managed to press a coherent story to this short chapter, but also really good (and funny) in addition.It is even funny at the finish level, because it is exactly what Loid could not do.You know because he doesn’t earn a living for writing stories, so it’s not good at it.He does not completely break the fourth wall, but it rests very hard on it.He even emphasizes how hard Endo work is for additional points of meta humor, and is particularly important, because this time Endo has published such a short chapter in the manga.

Of course, as usual, even in spite of the short section of Spy X Family Ch.68.1 is still a great example of the characteristic artistic style of Mangaki.Especially in the face department.Loid’s shocked face, when he saw all his hard work was in vain, especially in the last panel, was priceless.It was the best visual punch line I have seen for some time, and the perfect ending of this short chapter in the manga.

Spy X Family Ch.68.1: bad

How did Tatsuya Endo feel then.

I want to say that my only complaint about Spy X Family Ch.68.1 is a funny short part of this chapter.However, this would not be fair to Tatsuya Endo.As you may know or not, Endo has recently published a tweet with an apology for a short section of this chapter.He mentioned the exhaustion of work on the volume of the manga tankoubon at that time, and even joined a photo of a exhausted bond to get an additional effect.To be honest, I think it is a sign of how Mangaka is overworked in the current industry.So yes, don’t blame the endo for that.The poor guy had hard times.If you want to blame someone, Shueisha can be a more appropriate goal.


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