Spy X Family Episode 15: Bond joins the family!release date

The character that everyone was waiting for will finally appear on the screens.In the last episode it was obvious that Loid was in an uncolouched situation.Anya quickly looked into Bond’s eyes just to see that Loid may not survive the bomb explosion.In this way, she puts a warning sign so that her father does not enter the alley.Not devoting much time, here is everything you need to know about the 15th episode of the Spy X family!

In the next episode, fans will see Bond’s arrival.Knowing that Keth left, he would feel that he should take Bond with him.And Anya certainly insists that she adopts a dog.This man is as troublesome as a gift for a family.

Spy X Family Episode 15: What will happen next?

The title of the next episode of SXF is a “new member”.This episode will continue the same chase.But Loid realizes that he can’t get to Kieth in any way.So the only way to revenge is to keep the dog.And this is the first introduction of Bond in history.As the title suggests, this powerful dog will soon join the family.

Loid will understand that he was with Kieth just because Bond had no choice.But now Bond has the opportunity to spend life with the most colorful family in the city.The dog is a bit stupid in many respects.But because he saved Loid’s life, he deserves a return home.It will be interesting to see how Anya will react to his arrival in the 15th episode of the Spy X family.

Fast summary!

The title 14 of the Spy X family was “disarmed the clock bomb.The episode began with Keith, who escapes from the chains.However, it turned out that other students were also arrested.He made a quick decision and forged the last hideout with a bomb.Anya quickly looked into the dog’s memories.Then she realized that Loid may not survive this attack.

Loid was still running after the man.But Anya places a warning sign outside the area so as not to enter it.This leads to the fact that Loid completely avoids this belt.Later Loid used the disguise of Minister Brantz to find a man.The episode was over and the man realized that he was prosecuted.In this way he releases a dog in Loid.But the dog did nothing here to hurt Loid.

Spy X Family Episode 15: release date

This new member of a family of three will only add to chaos.But this is what fans love in anime.So there is no break in the episode.The final release date of Spy X Family Episode 15 is October 15, 2022. Fans will be able to see all episodes of the anime only on the official pages of Crunchyroll and Netflix.Finally, follow The anime Daily to get all updates only here!