Spy X Family Episode 16 – Family Dinner

Some of you have noticed that I have been more or less Karen over the past two weeks.This is my annual birthday and I didn’t have so much time for blogging.Or rather, I was very lazy.But that’s almost over.This is the last weekend.I’m very sad.It’s good that I had some Spy X Family to comfort me!

One of the side effects of my additional laziness is that my posts are much shorter, which can be a good thing.As a side note, my hame seemed to act, so I changed it spontaneously.This of course took me most of the day.And now my gifs work.I’m not sure why.

This week, we basically had two small sections of the filler in one.And it was great.After an intensive adventure and honest emotions of the introduction of Bond, it was a nice small cleaning agent.Because cooking …

I remember the Manga Yor cooking lessons and for the first time I think they cut something that I liked very much.It’s really nothing big and there is a small chance that I imagined it.However, it seems to me that I remember two moments of rejection at the very beginning bond has a vision of feeding him with remains cooked by YOR and dying from them.No one else sees this vision, and the only influence on history is that Bond runs out of the stage when Yor enters.Then, after her class, the vision improves, she just doesn’t like food.I thought it’s funny.Of course, you can easily take it out because it has no influence on the whole story.However, Spy X Family was very good in maintaining all these small moments so far, they even added a lot.So I was curious why they cut it out.As I said, maybe I make it.

However, it makes more sense if you take into account that they had to fit a second story in the same episode.I have the impression that they fought for the maintenance of every cage they could.

However, before we get to this, I just want to mention Loid Bond’s training during a meal. For those of you who have or had dogs, they know that training is time consuming, but a very important occupation. This is one of the best ways to establish a bond with the dog and show that you care. So Loid, in a T -shirt, sitting on the floor and teaching bond to wait for food, was particularly touching. By the way, the theory, why it is important to teach some dogs to wait before eating, to show them that the food will not disappear and will always be available when they are ready to eat. Dogs, which for some reason had a shortage of food in the past, can easily overeat or eat too fast and get sick because they want to eat as much as possible when food is available. The training that comes up with them soothes anxiety and allows them to enjoy food at the rate at which they feel the most convenient. For some dogs it will still be a Warp speed, but at least it results from gluttony. The hat is better than fear.

Slopable (or Franky, if you want) is an important character who almost has no time in the center of attention.Sure, he was probably part of a larger number of episodes than any other recurring character at this moment, but it’s never about him and we never really met him so well.I had the impression that I know and understand the director much better than, for example, Franky.So this week Franky got his five minutes and it could be exactly the time he got.But it worked, right.

This short and at the same time very close story about a broken heart and sweet-bitter friendship.It was perfect.We all went through something like this at some point.And we all have this one friend, where you can unexpectedly rely in these moments.Finally, for some reason, they went through Franky’s back and Loid at a full belt, it was a perfect summary of their relationship and their characters.I really liked this small moment.As a side note, even in imaginary worlds, pizza is always one of the most common answers to what your favorite food is!

Personally, I’m a lifetime for a piece of life.I think that I would enjoy the full episodes of each of these stories, but I know that some of you may want to go back to action.I have to admit that I am ready to return to the academy myself.

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