Spy X Family Episode 16 Prime Minister, date confirmed by “Kitchen Yor”

What date and time will be issued worldwide in episode 16 Spy X Family (part 2, episode 4) for simultaneous streaming through Crunchyroll?

While Bleach: Th really Year Blood War and Chainsaw Man dominate in the anime schedule at the beginning of the week, Saturdays are intended for Spy X Family.

The Cloverworks X Wit Studio series continues its second broadcast from 2022, and with the episode from last week the counterfeiters are becoming bigger thanks to the addition of a charming bond to the family.

So what is the 16th episode of Spy X Family will be released worldwide through Crunchyroll?

Spy X Family Episode 16: Date and time of release

Spy X Family episode 16, also referred to as part 2, episode 4,


On Saturday, October 22.

The new episode, which will have two titles: “Yor’s Kitchen” and “The Information’s Great Romance Plan”, will be made available for simultaneous stream transmission by Crunchyroll at the following international hours:

Pacific time – 8:30 Eastern American time – 11:30 Ambitish time – 16:30 European time – 17:30 Indian time – 21:00 Philippine time – 23:30 Australian central time – 2 AM

The trailer of the trailer of episode 16 was broadcast after the end credits in last week’s broadcast.The clip opened when Yor looked depressed, first standing in a dark room, and then leaving the store with a paper bag.

Then she is seen very angry, while her colleague and husband argue;He is a collaborator who participated in part 1 and with whom Yuri also works with her husband.

Then we see the talking Yor and Yuri, and Yor looks embarrassed when the meal is produced so terribly that it produces a purple smell – ending with the fact that Anya and Bond smell something at home.

Short summary of “new family member”

Episode Spy X Family 15, a new family member, began with a loid throwing a bomb to River when he fights a dog trained by terrorists.

Keith, the leader of the gang, is shocked, seeing that his plan is failing and departs in a fit of rage, just to fall into Yora, who falls from the bridge and kicks his car into a lighthouse.

Loid leaves the ship with animals in Wise and find Anya going on a dog, and a breathless yora standing in the alley;They explain what happened since he was in the toilet, and Loid thinks that it must also come from the Apple project.

Anya asks to stop the dog as a pet, which ultimately works when Handler sees her own daughter in the spirit of Anya – the dog is checked for illness and returns to the fake residence the next day.

Anya goes to school the next day and confronts Dakarenn, who is initially interesting to walk just to walk disappears as soon as Anya reveals that her name is “PS” … Unfortunately, her names are terrible, because the next day she confessesLoid.

The family goes to a local dog park, where Anya loses her.gloves.Fortunately, this gigantic dog has quite an intimidating aura and recovers gloves, which prompts her to think about him as Bondman from her cartoon, because he also “wears black gloves”, or his paws.

Anya mentions the name of Bond’s dog and after returning home he teaches him how to use the toilet and finally falls asleep on a giant dog after the two are exhausted, playing.

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