Spy × family – episode 16

It may not be the most fleshy episode of Spy X Family, but he laughed at me several times and to be honest I needed it today.Akane Tendou and other culinary heroines of the anime and manga have nothing to Yor when it comes to cooking with weapons in hand, and after a long stay in the bathroom Loida last week suddenly feels the worst wife and mother in the middle of a century.That is why he does the only thing he can: ask your unpleasant friend from work Camilla for cooking lessons.

There is a bit of confusion when it comes to the household life of counterfeiters so far, namely that rarely, if at all, we saw any signs of the YOR disaster in the kitchen.Loid was shown to cook several times, but not to the extent that we would have any real reason to think that he is a home cook and that he and Anya are just waiting for Yor to return home without any signs, that he has something boiling onThe stove, which only makes it more confusing.They both seem to know that Yor is a bad chef, but it does not agree with what she said at the beginning of the thread about Bond that she was doing breakfast that day.

The only potential saving grace is that Camilla finally urges Yor to cook something edible: she asks her what she remembers her died her mother.The dish in question contains a fried egg, so when Yor is able to safely recreate the stew on which the egg was sitting, it means that it could do it because of the related memories.This means that it could prepare completely safe breakfast with fried eggs and probably toast or cereal, because none of these things require any real culinary maneuvers.But this is not a great way to explain the hole in the plot of this size.

Fortunately, the rest of the episode more than makes up for it.From a mistake, when Yuri is invited as a taste tester (poison tester?) To a special yora dish that eliminates Laid and Anya, is an amazing comedy of errors.Hands down, my favorite part is yuri crunchy cooking yor, at the same time throwing them out, which is largely due to the star voice of Kensho Ono, Va Yuri.But observing how Yor cuts the meat into oblivion, crosses the chopping board and appears with the bag of crushed tomatoes and a look that bodes badly to anyone who stands on the road in her eye, contributes to the fact that it is a cut above the average plot”Tee Hee, the girl can’t cook.”

It is also a good reminder that Yor and Yuri really did not have a normal, safe childhood.When Camilla initially asks Yor about cooking their mother, she doesn’t remember anything, and this says something about how hard she had to work after her parents’ death to create a kind of security for her brother.Yor took everything on herself, which is partly the reason why Yuri is so attached to her: she is his whole family, yes, but she also knows how much she devoted herself to being for him.He does not have to know that he is a killer to understand how hard she worked to provide him with a stable life.He loves cooking Yor because he is used to it, but also because she represents her effort on his behalf.The fact that her hard work overshadowed her life before she had to take care of Juria, she tells us how important she became to her and how much she felt to look after him instead of her parents.

Anya, Loid and Yor have become such a way to themselves, and even if Loid does not want to help Franky in his love life, he is ready to be bribed and he really cares when something does not work.(Anya’s face, when he reads in his thoughts, he says everything.) Faits help each other to become happier people, including Bond, and this is something that you can’t wave your hand, no matter how fun this program is.I hope Franky will get it one day.


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