“Spy X Family” or advertising cooperation with … Chainsaw Man?!

From all anime series with which Spy X Family would work, have you ever expected it to be Chainsaw Man?Not really.I am not joking.Below you can check the evidence.

Anya is a fan of chain saw now?

The devil’s spy looks charming devilish.

Shonenleaks has published this advertisement for cooperation between Spy X Family and Chainsaw Man (from all crossovers) to

Calling Loid’s “scientific devil” is a bit too much, right?

The next panel presents Anya, who calls Loid’s “Devil of Studies”.Probably after trying to convince Anya to take her school work seriously.I am not sure if the stress and worries of students related to learning can be rightly called “fear”.However, if this happens, then the devil of study in a man of mechanical saws can be surprisingly strong.You know, despite how stupid Anya makes him appear here.

Honestly, most healthy people may be right, afraid of this dish.

The third panel presents Anya, who sees one of the more … unique dishes that Yor prepares, and therefore calls her a “cooking devil” for this reason.In fact, not out of the character of Anya in the canon of Spy X Family, taking into account how Anya openly insists on cooking loid at all times.But is anyone really afraid of bad cooking?Maybe Gordon Ramsey and other best chefs, but that’s all.Most normal people would not be afraid of a terrible chef, so it would probably be one of the weaker devils in a man with a chain saw.

Oh, look, it’s a charming dog with beans that we see only for a short time.

The fourth and last advertisement of this cooperation finally presents a character from Chainsaw Man in the form of a cap: a beloved dog with Denji chain beans.Anya simply declares that “the cap is sweet!”And yes, we can all agree that it is really cute … except Bond in the background.His terrified face should tell you everything you need to know about his opinion about this new dog bean.Fear of replacing here seems to be an underestimated fear.Maybe we will have even more such collaborations when both series of anime are gaining popularity.