Spy X Family P2 – 2 [Disarction of the clock bomb]

Welcome again in the new season and continuation of Spyxfamily!This is a funny, though serious week for the exhibition, I can proudly say that I liked it very much.Maybe time was everything I needed to recover Spyxfamily back in my favors, who knows.However, without further ado, let’s immerse ourselves in the episode!

Starting, I love the more serious tone of this episode.The whole conspiracy with stopping the terrorist threat?A spy, dog and a little girl enter the bomb before it explodes?Love it.This is Spyxfamily, which is the strongest to me.We learn the whole content of Loid’s story and mission, its serious nature and the effects of the war for simple people trying to live a simple life, while at the same time Anya and Yor fill the episode with lightness and fun.It is enough that Spyxfamily does not resemble war drama.I say that this episode, in my opinion, perfectly balances two halves of Spyxfamily and I really hope that we will receive more of this this season.This one or more time at school, because it is really difficult to hate Anya episodes.

Returning to bombs and terrorists, let’s talk specifically about what I liked.I think there are two key aspects of this plot that make it pleasant for me.The first of them is quite simple, I like that Spyxfamily does not discount or forget about tensions from the 1950s, which are essentially eastern and Western Germany.About how dangerous this situation was and how close the wars were.In addition to what this war would mean for ordinary people who just live in this country.Most of them don’t want it!Most of them don’t care!And many of those who want it, like students, don’t really know what they are in favor of.As Sylvia says, they don’t know the war.So I really liked how much Spyxfamili got into this point.

Loid’s side was another part of what I liked.How dangerous his work is and how close he is to death without the help of Anya.As a viewer, we know, in the sense of finish, that everything will be fine.In the worst case, he will hurt a little and will have to hint for Yor and Anya, nothing serious.But I think Spyxfamily did a great job showing us how it would be if he could be hurt.If it were a more serious performance, how close to death and the effects of his death would be for others.I can imagine that this is not everyone’s style, some people just want Spyxfamily to be fun and carefree.But for me, these brushes with a serious taste of something bitter make family moments so sweet and pleasant, not rotting teeth.

Meanwhile, on the side of Anya, Spyxfamily did a great job by presenting and keeping her as a little girl.I mean that I have never broken my belief that Anya is actually a 6-year-old child.She never did anything that a six -year -old could not do, except … you know … reading in his mind.She forgot that the door was set up so that she had exploded, she had to climb the side window, she had no idea how to disarm the bomb and therefore she resorted to leaving the message in Keczupie.It can be a bit fantastic that she decided to fix it all.But I think Spyxfamily coped well with its limitations besides what was necessary for the story.And this made us receive a few small charming scenes, as she asks the old woman, how to read the clock, just not to realize how long it took 30 minutes!

A dog was about the only “negative” episode for me.And not in the style of “I hate a dog, I hope it will be removed”, not at all.I think in general, the dog is a great addition to the family.This is another character who can interact at the level of Anya, without diminishing or humiliating her, because well … he is a fucking dog.No, I am only pissed off by the prospect of the future.Yes, Spyxfamily is a stupid series about the killer, spy and telepacie, so this is not a big problem.And because he is a dog and can make sense only through Anya, he has a very limited scope and ability to destroy things/plot.Simply, for me, seeing the future seemed to me a bit … a lot.Ultimately, this is not a big deal, but it always worried me a bit.

Finally, we have to talk about the sticky point, both for the episode and the season: Yor.If you remember Aaaa from the first part of the season, Yor really didn’t have much to do.She never really had an episode for herself, only about her and her work.There were small things like a drunk castle or her brother.But even then Loid was the star of these episodes.And although it is a bit early to judge this part, 2 episodes still take place.He is the least “leading” of our 3 main characters.I mention this mainly because I hope that this will change.He really deserves his own narrative in the series and taking into account its popularity as a seasonal waifu, I think he will use it.I hope *Spyxfamily can do it.

So yes, I think it was a good episode of Spyxfamily.He hit all the right places for me.Reckless enough, so that what is serious does not become overwhelming, serious enough to really invest in what happens to these characters.The production remains mostly strong.This episode did not stand out as much as the previous one, and CGI cars are absurd.But nothing that I would call gross or striking.Yes, the cars suck, but like … it’s a car.They always suck.Anyway, I’m waiting for another good season of Spyxfamily.I hope that I will not burn out or get tired, as I did at the end of the first part.