Stairs: What does Michael Peterson do today?

Find out what is happening today with Michael Peterson on the stairs!

Stairs are available!If you want

find out who Michael Peterson became today

, read on!Directed by Antonio Camposa, the HBO Max Original The Staircase series is a fictionalized presentation of the infamous trial

Michael Peterson

.American novelist and former maritime infantry soldier,

Michael Iver Peterson

.Convinced for killing his wife, Kathleen Atwater, in their home at Forest Hills, Durham, North Carolina.

However, the matter itself was quite difficult and confusing, with the twists and turns deserved numerous film and television adaptations, of which he was already a topic.What Campos brings to this series is a new depth and insight into the entire chain of events, because it uses fiction rather than a police documentary style.

What does Michael Peterson do today?

Who is Michael Peterson?

Michael Peterson

He is an American novelist who was in the spotlight after suspicions related to his wife’s death.Vietnam war veteran wrote three novels describing his experience of war.On December 9, 2001, Kathleen Peterson was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in her home.To find out what happened to people today in this matter, come here.

At that time I was only

Michael Peterson

, who claimed that I was outside and was not witnessed.Suspicious circumstances meant that the police decided that it was a murder.The prosecutor’s office also claimed that he was bisexual and that he took part in activities recognized by his wife as unacceptable.To find out what is happening to Clayton Peterson, go here.

Despite this

Michael Peterson

He claimed that his sexuality was not a secret from his wife, and claimed that the police tried to blame him because he wrote articles against them in his newspaper.In 2003 he was sentenced to life imprisonment.However, he retained his innocence.

Michael Peterson

He served a penalty at Nash Correctional Center near the Rocky Mountains until 2011, after which he was released after the bail and placed in home detention.

What does Michael Peterson do today?

Michael Peterson



In Durham, North Carolina and repeatedly told journalists that there was an innocent crime.In 2019, he published a book in which he talks about his marriage, his wife’s death, pressure pressure, life in prison and how it is free, but be despised by the people who know him.

Entitled “Behind the stairs” all profits from the sale of the book are transferred to charity.He received lucrative offers from various publishers, but he could not accept them so far.To find out what’s going on with Todd Peterson, you’ll find him here.

In 2019

Michael Peterson

He also appeared in the two -part Dr., Phil show.Michael told Dr. Phil McGraw that medical reports confirmed that Liz Ratliff had died of stroke.He also explained that after Kathleen’s death, the only reason he immediately turned to legal assistance was that his son insisted on this by calling the brother of lawyer Michael, Bill Peterson.

In 2002, his stepdaughter Caitlin murdered a lawsuit against him.He tried to submit an application for bankruptcy, but Caitlin questioned it.Ultimately, the case was settled at $ 25 million.This sum has not been paid today.