Star Driver – Episode 9

Hello, welcome back in Wrong Every Time.Today I am looking forward to returning to Star Driver and finally seeing what this new act is preparing for us.Currently, it is quite difficult to make any solid forecasts about the trajectory of this story, because the last episode has basically solved all our direct conflicts, and at the same time found time to vaccinate several new ones.This is a completely new day at Southern Cross Isle and I can’t imagine what Enokido is for us in the future.

For now, we can at least summarize where the last episode placed us.Takuto and the suggestion solved their misunderstandings with a fist of friendship, leaving our basic trio repaired, and the suggestion as the only person who activated the pillar of the king and recovered.Meanwhile, the leader of the mysterious order lost his bird in a cage, abandoning it after he questioned his desire to leave the island.This alleged priestess has now left the island completely, but in her footsteps it seems that a new girl has just arrived.

All these changes seem to suggest that changes are coming, because the Order is again thinking about its tactics while their enemies strengthen their ties.This is a fairly common transition in Enokido compositions;After the first third part of the story becomes dynamics through repeated episodic routine, the second act begins with the rearranging of narrative variables, challenging the viewers, how they understand this world and accompanying topics.Like his ex -collaborator of Ikuhar, Enokido seems to like to use known narrative templates (in this case “Mecha of the Week” of the combat anime) for unusual purposes, using familiar to pay attention to the new, at the same time questioning the moral assumptions of the original structure.With the first star of Star Driver behind us, let’s see what a brave new paradigm emerges from the wreck!

Episode 9

“Mizuno’s first love.”I assume that Mizuno is a new girl?Certainly defends herself quickly!

We start again when The Boys maximizes and rests, enjoying the absurdly luxurious hot sources of suggestions

Interestingly, it is much more uncertain if any girls see him in a bathtub, or rather any mention of sexuality.Although the suggestion is imprisoned in a conservative social order, the manifestations of sexuality that fit in this order are not a great problem for him, while Takuto is socialized in accordance with the more general conventions of close contact between boys and girls, always carrying some sexual charge.Because there is no threat that the suggestion will break from its general role, in some respects it has a greater degree of freedom compared to sexual fears attributed to it

In the corridor there is another version of this friend’s painting motif: a chapel standing on the shore, staring at the world that will never know.Is signed with the letter “R”

Dialogue is skillful enough to convey the return of Takuto and suggestions to normality without spelling;The very fact that they both feel comfortable, unceremoniously mocking themselves, soothes Wako’s fears

Yes, Mizuno is a new girl and it seems that she has a similar -looking sister named Marino.Considering Enokido’s passion for theater flourishing, as well as the general similarities of this story to narratives such as a storm (desert island, a new society directed with mysterious dictates), I would not be surprised if he used these two to several classic Shakespearean identity mistakes

The differences in their personalities are visually illustrated by their hairstyles: Mizuno has a short, brave cut that matches her boy character, while Marino has long, traditional hair that matches her more gentle and “women’s” personality


It seems that they deliberately sensitize Mizuno as a parallel for Takuto, replacing his introduction “I sailed to the island” with its update “I was going on the top of the bus”

Then he loads boys to the bathroom, which even more emphasizes her gender boundaries and the general lack of interest in conservative sex paradigms.For wounds, watching such a program is always a pleasure in which every fragment of visual vocabulary is selected for this purpose!

He tries to save the chick.With Takuto next to her, the similarities between them are clearly emphasized

“Kassuke says he won’t attack you or anyone.”And he can talk to animals!Mizuno really fully uses this introduction

It’s almost love at first sight, he saves a small raven, and Mizuno immediately jumps into his arms

Mizuno later falls into the fox mascot and scares him, which is a disturbing sign of any potential friendship with Wako

Interestingly, Marino is loved as the best athlete, while Mizuno is known as “Little Witch Mizuno” because she talks to animals and casts spells.It makes sense that the performance presents this girl who seems to underestimate all social and sexual conventions of Southern Cross, as a “witch”, a heretic at odds with her society

Theater art is entitled “On the eve of legend”, which means that it will probably be made at a time that coincides with some island tradition

After seeing Takuto again, Mizuno immediately hugs next to him, not paying attention to social issues.decency.In particular, it seems that it is completely different from Takuto.It brings a lot of uncertainty and social conditions related to physical closeness to women, while Mizuno seems to have no concerns about how anyone else sees or judges her, and is quite comfortable being physically close to men

He also emphasizes their closeness and his unrestricted nature, announcing that “they were together in the morning this morning”

During the last meeting of the Order, Sister Mizuno, Marino, introduces herself as “a new representative of the second brigade, the age of disappearance … Manticore”

It seems that Head, a member who has just lost his lady in a cage, will take some free

She also announces the general leader of the Order of the Cross to buzz around

Her Cybody, “Ayingot”, allegedly was not suitable for use when he formed, which suggests that Cyboda regeneration is possible.Echo Star Driver will informally inform this about the third act of Utena, when former opponents returned to their last battles

The fact that all Cybodies are cut into puppets on strings seems to suggest that the master of puppet must be behind them.Im, some higher -order force that we have not yet met.Perhaps this force will connect to my grandfather Takuto

Apparently, Vanishing Age has its own private salon (along with the required picture of the chapel), to which they forgot to invite Manticore

This means she spent the night in “Ayingot’s room?””Window Star said that no girl could stand in this room.”Interesting.Cyboda’s union is clearly formulated as a sexual experience, although it seems to be specific to this ayingota

The group together does not pay attention to the Head warning that no one can defeat Tauburna in the second phase, each of them demands or the next fighter

Mizuno and Marino home -cost clothes additionally emphasize their relationship with traditional sexual identity: Mizuno is in a shapeless pair of overalls, emphasizing her androgynia and disrespect for gender convention, while Marino is wearing a traditionally female female dress to the ground

Since the suggestion will now pair up suggestions in dojo, we now see some thematic meaning in the style of two Tauburn swords.Even with such a choice, Tauburn rejects tradition, leaving a single Kendo sword

In zero time we see that the next opponent Takuto, Stick Star, holds an incredibly massive cybody, like a cooled man in a massive black coat

This opponent strikes with brutal, simple vertical blows, essentially serving as the final exam against the opponent in the style of Kendo

There are less extravagant cuts in this fight, but the design remains unique, referring to this contrasting style full of black shading and angular linear graphics

The sharp passage of the stage from the battle seems to suggest that Mizuno is our priestess from the West.Marino confirms this directly, swearing that he will protect her sister

And ready

Oh wounds, we start in the second act!I was deeply curious how this transition will change our basic dynamics and it seems that the answer is: “Mizuno storms the narrative with strength and immediately becomes a new heroine.”It’s absolutely fine for me;While the interference in the island’s culture is generally taking the form of his Cyboda battles, Mizuno seems to question the conservative sex paradigm of this island with each word and action, serving as charming irritating to everyone he meets.Until now, she was an absolute pleasure and considering that the rest of the cast was almost too stunned with her energy to really talk to her, I can’t wait to still complicate our main relationships.You understand, mizuno!

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