Star Wars III-Revenge of the Sith: A thrilling theory about how Obi-Wan defeated Anakina

Did Obi-Wan Kenobi use the dark side to defeat Anakin Skywalker at the end of the prelogy?In any case, the theory on the Internet suggests.Warning, spoilers …

A duel between Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, the climax of the third and last episode of the “Star Wars, Revenge Sithis” premiere mentioned in the legend.

19 minutes of duels for light swords, corpses

Trade Federation

on earth, a volcanic planet, a terrible fight between a light and dark side


, loss of a friend and the birth of the final villain.The site fell over.

Nevertheless, almost twenty years later, the theory flowed from the depths of the Internet.

Striking, clever, documented, looks back at how Obi-Wan defeated his former Padawan, friend and brother.shoulders, Anakin.Attention,


What would happen if Obi-Wan slightly used the forces of the dark side to defeat Anakin on the planet Mustafar?

How ?Obi Wan?A retired Jedi Master and a white knight from a distant galaxy?At least that is just raising


In the article, recalling this theory a bit absurd at the beginning, but which limits the way to a minimum.According to the American side and the Star Wars history department, the duel between two men would be very important and determining its result.

Mustafar, a small planet lava located on the outer borders, is a place where the powerful convergence of the dark side of power is located.

Did Obi-Wan use the dark side of power?

According to Screenrant I on the basis of Obi-Wan, in a poor position on the planet, where the dark side of power rules, he could reach out on him to defeat Anakin.

During the duel, Obi-wana digs internal emotions and guilt.

Guilt towards Anakin, but also towards

Qui-Gon Jinna

his deceased master, to whom he swore to train Anakin.

During the attack, Obi-Wan also seemed very angry and generous.

Two character traits unique to the dark side, as it was often explained

Yody master

.Using the dark side, drawing strength to fight evil is not easy.

But according to the Jedi Code, it’s not bad either.

The next Jedi flirted with the dark side

This is not the first time Jedi got tangled with the dark side.

Mace Windu

A recognized Jedi and a member of the Council, he uses a very specific technique with a light sword:


.Ancient and dangerous combat technique that refers to the deepest and darkest emotions.

Vaapad brings the user closer to the dark side.

So Obi-Wan could also use vaapada to overcome


/Darth Vader on Mustafar.

It can even be speculated that Anakin, as chosen in force, powered by hatred stunned by the Emperor Palpatine and hidden jealousy of his former master, Obi-Wan, could not be defeated without a light stimulus on the dark side.