Starfield: The cult character from The Elder Scrolls is back

He is there, he is everywhere even at the other end of the universe.The iconic character from The Elder Scrolls, loved and hated by fans, will return to Starfield.

Starfield is still very mysterious, but Bethesda still informs about her game.The new Fallout 4. Studios license will be greater, but it will not stop the fans of The Elder Scrolls Oblivion from re -joining the well -known character … at least in a sense.

Fanatic back in Starfield?

As we know, Starfield borrows a lot from other Bethesda games.What the players of The Elder Scrolls probably did not expect is to see one of the most iconic and annoying characters independent in Oblivion in this Gargantuuli open world that we were promised.During the recent session of questions and answers, Todd Howard gave some new details about the game and the system of features acquired by performing specific activities.One of them, entitled “Revered Hero”, will be conquered “, winning the attention of the annoying” fanatic “.ยป

As noted


This annoying character “will appear randomly and talk next to you.The bright point is that it gives you gifts. “Those who rushed at The Elder Scrolls Oblivion do not need a drawing: Fanatic will return to Starfield.If you have never touched the fourth part and you have never had the dissatisfaction that you came across this annoying NPC, which can become the worst travel companion of the Kvatch hero, he was only to drive away players in the sense of hair for a lack of fight or have somethinginteresting to say.

A cult character under a license, raised to the same rank for many years.Of course, it will probably be more about Easter Eggach for one of the most famous NPCs in the community, only with the right return.In any case, the revelation seems certain, even on the outskirts of the galaxy.