Start Halloween early with these terrifying anime

Start Halloween early with these terrifying anime

by Kara Dennison on October 12, 2022.

It’s October – aka.Halloween month – which means it’s time for initial game for a great day!Many of us spend a month watching our favorite scary movies, television programs and anime.If you need great terror, we have series for you!

Some of them are super fresh, broadcast this month.Others have been different for some time and are worth another look.Anyway, they will keep you by the end of the month!

Higurashi: When they cry

Do you need a lot of Halloween?Then you will want to delve into everything that Higurashi: When They Cry has to offer.The visual novel that changed the anime changed the anime more than just the secret of the murder.And it’s more than a paranormal horror story.In the latest installment of the anime there are layers that can be detached.

History takes place in the 1980s in the village of Hinamizawa.Over the past four years, the annual Watanagashi festival has healed a series of murders and disappearances.When Keiichi Maebara moves to the city, after all, everything seems fine at the beginning.But soon his idyllic school life becomes deadly.If you are ready to discover the truth about the Oyashiro curse, you can dive now!

Junji Ito collection

It took some time, but the arrears in the manga of the horror master Junji Ito will finally have many adaptations of the anime.Waiting for Uzumaki with Toon and Junji Ito Maniac from Netflix, we again watch the first of them: Junji Ito collection.The anthology series, ideal for Halloween, is immersed in several Ito works, both well -known and less known.

There is a view of Tom, his legendary deadly beauty, including a brutal episode for broadcast.You will also see other recurring characters from his many works.Among our favorites are the ghostly “long dream” and less terrifying, more sentimental “gentle goodbye”.

Housing complex c

Do you want something super fresh?Do not look further than Cartoon Network.Adult Swim and Production IG USA join forces to present

Housing Complex C

, four -episode miniserial during Halloween.The series comes from amphibious, creator of the visual novel by Raging Loop, with original character designs by the artist Serial Experiments Lain, Yoshitoshi Abe.

Kimi is the youngest resident of the residential complex to a large extent old age.But a nine -year -old will soon be friends with ten -year -old Yuri, when the Yuri family moves in … along with a whole bunch of employees from abroad.What begins as a tense introduction quickly becomes friendly.But in ancient ruins under a housing complex, it seems that in ancient ruins there is strength from another world.Who will come out of it alive?

Do you need something less terrifying?Take off with these completely original autumn anime titles.

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