Steam is still beating its own record, impressive numbers

PC games are more vivid than ever.This is evidenced by this new record broken by Steam in terms of the number of simultaneous players.

Currently and since the crisis Covid, the Steam Valve platform is a real hit.This is due to several factors.Many users were able to start an adventure on the PC, in particular Steam, to kill time, it is a fact.But the increasingly important share of the Asian market, especially Chinese, is not without significance.China is a PC giant, and Steam is currently using it.

When Valve breaks its own Steam record

The Chinese version looks like this

In January 2022, we talked about the Steam record, which stopped at 28 million simultaneous players.For comparison, this is more than the Cameroon population.Well, this time a new record is simply

30 million users at the same time

more than in a country like Venezuela.

As a reminder, it took 14 years to reach the peak of 15 million simultaneous users in 2017, but only 5 years for another 15 million.It’s just gigantic.According

Article from 2019

About 312 million players on PC (estimated number) would be about games on PC in China, so so many users to overcome to make Valve on Steam

In addition, we can also see many games, even independent, offering Chinese translation as soon as possible.Because attracting potential players from this huge market is always something additional.